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Tapastic Free Webcomic Host Review

small-blackWhen it comes to self hosting a webcomic, I laud WordPress with Comic Easel as the best platform. However, if you don’t have your own website and domain and you want to publish a webcomic, I’ve discovered a sharp and responsive webcomic host that is really building for the future: Tapastic.

It’s been a long time since I’ve hosted Wayrift on any site other than our main domain. Many years back, I did have mirrors on sites such as Drunk Duck. I eventually removed my comic due to host downtime, the cluttered feel of the website, forced advertising and just the over saturation of comics that meant it became very difficult for anyone to find your comic amongst the massive number of titles.

With Wayrift having recently turned 12 years old, and an archive of close to 2,000 pages, I have another factor that keeps me from posting it on another webcomic host: time. Can you imagine having to go in and manually add over 2,000 pages of webcomic archives, one page at a time? Nope. Not going to happen.

But the folks behind Tapastic (a free webcomic host) must have been thinking ahead — the site takes care of all those troubles and actually revolutionizes both publishing and reading serial webcomic content. For these reasons, I can’t praise them highly enough!

Publishing as an Episode

Uploading many comic files as an episode

Instead of just publishing a webcomic one page at a time, Tapastic gives you the option to create episodes of many pages, posted all at once. Uploading an episode is as easy and dragging and dropping all the images files into the episode upload section, where you can rearrange them if you need to.

So, instead of uploading every single page of every Wayrift chapter individually, I make an episode for the chapter itself. Then I just drop all the chapter comic files in the uploader, and poof — I’ve got a full chapter of content ready for publishing on Tapastic! What used to take hours and hours of uploading page by page now takes minutes. I really can’t be more thrilled about this!

Of course, if you prefer to upload your comic one page at a time, you can do that, too. Just create each page as an episode, and publish them individually. The choice is yours.

Infinite Scrolling

If you’ve ever read blogs on Tumblr, or just used your ever-scrolling Facebook timeline, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The ability to just keep moving through content without stopping to click Next all the time.

This makes reading your webcomic so much easier! Instead of the reader having to stop and click buttons to move to the next page, they can simply keep scrolling down through your pages or episodes, reading without any interruptions. I really think this is brilliant and makes the whole reading experience so much better all around. The easier it is for your readers to read, the longer they’ll stick with your comic.

Editing and Scheduling

Not only is it easy to upload to Tapastic, but it’s very easy to go in and make changes to your series once it’s there. You can also schedule your comics to upload in the future, the exact day and time.

Reading Lists, Comments, Likes

Readers can also create reading lists of comics they want updates on. This keeps them in the know every time you post a new comic. If they use the Tapastic mobile app, they’ll get notifications directly on their mobile device about your updates, too!

Along with that, readers can comment and like your comics, providing a platform for feedback and interaction below each of your comic episodes.

Did I Say Mobile?

Like it or not, mobile is becoming the way of the future. One thing that impresses me about Tapastic is that the mobile experience (with or without the app) is the best I’ve seen for webcomics hands down. Because of the infinite scroll capabilities, the site moves fluidly as you tap and scroll through page after page of content, with no interruptions. Comics are full-width for your device, and look fantastic, even on something as small as a phone.

Here’s some examples of the mobile experience:

 And More…

Aside from that, there’s a growing community of comic creators and readers on the site. Between the forums, and the way Tapastic gets the word out about your comic (on the front page and between comic episodes), it’s not hard to pick up new readers if you invest a little time in the site. Not to mention that the staff has been very friendly and helpful, even taking the time to communicate and welcome me directly (unexpected)!

As a webcomic creator of over a decade, I’m always keeping my eye out for free hosting and technology that can better my readers’ ability to experience my work. I also like to pass down what I discover to other webcomic artists who are looking for a strong, reliable host. Even if you have a comic established on your own website or another platform, give Tapastic a shot. You may find that it has everything you need.

Note: This is not a sponsored or paid post. I really am just that enthusiastic about what they’re doing on this site! 



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3 thoughts on “Tapastic Free Webcomic Host Review

  1. Hello! I really love your review about Tapastic. Thank you for all the kind words. More cool stuff to come, so stay tuned!

    You really hit the key points about Tapastic. Mobile / infinite scroll reading is huge. If you check out all the top social/reading apps today (e.g. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest), the whole world is consuming content vertically (up to down). Without knowing, we are all getting used to/adapting/building such consumption habits.

    There is so much content in the world today. If comics want to compete, we need to adapt accordingly. This is where Tapastic comes in. We believe we are more than a free hosting platform. We are a movement towards breaking down the limits/barriers of old-school thinking and habits of comic creation.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my post! While I wrote this a while back, I still feel the same about Tapastic. I think it’s an excellent platform with the future in mind, especially when it comes to mobile experiences.

      Thanks for all your hard work!


  2. Ok see, I have a question. I make “full issue” comics, not one page at a time web comics. I sometimes distribute them on digital galleries as page a day type things, but its comic book page sized not comic book “whatever size suits today’s release”

    Is tapastic a viable marketing outlet for someone like me?
    What is your opinion?


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