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My Forecast for H1Z1: Cautiously Optimistic

h1z1Let me start off by saying, I’m a fan of the zombie genre, when it’s done right. I’ve been a follower of Walking Dead for years (comics, show, TellTale Games), and tend to go out of my way to mess around with horror games when I hear good things about them.

That being said, I won’t touch the survival games, such as DayZ and Rust. Not after some of the videos I’ve watch. Those are enough to make me lose a little faith in humanity. To me, they are brutal gank-fests that encourage mindless slaughter and bring out the worst in gamers.

So, when I first heard SOE’s surprise announcement about their new zombie survival game, H1Z1, I instantly wrote it off as yet another place for trolls to congregate online. However, after sleeping on it, reading over Smed’s letter, and reading the comments, I’ve changed my outlook on this game to be cautiously optimistic.

What Changed My Mind?

Aside from it being a F2P sandbox?

I read a number of quotes that caught my attention in the letter and made me pause. Here’s to hoping my interpretation is thinking in the right direction.

We are starting with what I would call “Middle America” – an “anywhere and everywhere” town. The world is massive as you’ve come to expect from our games. Over time we will grow the world until we have our own version of the U.S. after the death and destruction brought on during the H1Z1 epidemic. It will be our own version of America. We’ll have urban cities and desolate wide open places. All connected seamlessly.

Hmm… okay. That sounds pretty cool. I wonder if I could raid my hometown?

First off, it’s a persistent MMO that can hold thousands of players on servers we host (yes there will be multiple servers with very different rule sets).

You have my attention now. Different rule sets? As in a PvE server? I’d be totally on board with trying this out if I didn’t have to worry about getting ganked by bloodthirsty players constantly. I’m really not into playing a game where you literally fear every stranger you meet. But… a building server or PvE server, yes.

To use a simple reference I’m sure everyone interested in this game will get… we want our players to ake Woodbury from The Walking Dead if they want to. Or take over a prison.

Haha… nice use of Walking Dead references. I’m sure that got the point across. I betcha someone builds Terminus. |:D

Our goal here is to provide emergent gameplay that will allow our players to make the world their own the way they want to. One of the best things about H1Z1 being an MMO is the fact that with a lot of people playing, we’re able to see all different kinds of gameplay. If you prefer a quiet life as a farmer raising crops… we’re going to make sure your zombie apocalypse fantasy is complete.

Again, another hint that there may be safe servers or a way to play this game without a gankfest ruleset. Yes, please?

I might even be up for a game that has PVP, but entices people to help each other to survive rather kill on sight. Maybe. Just depends on how it goes. I think it’s time to watch this game’s Reddit.

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April’s Video Game Kickstarter Fever

I guess I’m odd in that spring fever for translates into Kickstarter fever for me. I got my income tax returns back, and while most of it is going to housing repairs, what little I am using “for fun” I’ve put towards supporting the number of really sweet looking indie Kickstarters.

So what am I backing? What are my picks? Read on!


Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).

Imagined by video game lovers, Planets³ (pronounced «planetscube») combines the excitement of role playing with the pleasure of construction and the boundless freedom to roam about in a 3D universe. Its intricate plot and outstanding voxel based design offers opportunities for intense action and unlimited creativity. Planets³ has been designed to promote multi-player gameplay, to share the fun with friends.

This Kickstarter was already successfully funded, much to my pleasure. Looking like a 3D Starbound, the team seems to have a lot of great ideas on where they want this game to go. Even though it’s already funded, I’d suggest helping it out on Steam Greenlight and keeping an eye on this game.

Dragon Fin Soup

Grimm Bros is proud to present Dragon Fin Soup.  A Tactical Action RPG with roguelike elements set in a charming, twisted, dark, fairy tale inspired world featuring a 2D top down camera and fluid turn-based movement that allows you to set the pace.

This one is fully funded and only has two days left to go — counting down, jump in if you’re interested! What can I say? I was pulled in by the tactical elements and the blending of a fairy tale world and storyline. This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Hero Generations

Hero Generations is a quick-playing turn-based strategy game that takes inspiration from rogue-likes, 4X strategy, and independent art games. It has been described as the offspring ofSid Meier’s CivilizationJason Rohrer’s Passageand The Legend of Zelda.

You play a rapidly aging hero that explores a procedurally generated world in search of fame and a mate to settle down with before you die. After your life ends, you continue on adventuring as your child. Depending upon your choices, your child will be either more fit to take on the world, or hobbled by your poor decisions.

As of this moment, this game is 75% funded, and seems like it’s on the path to seeing success. I’m really interested in the blend of gaming concepts and the thought of building up a family line through generations.

Popup Dungeon

Popup Dungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler for PC, Mac, and Linux that lets players create any weapon, any ability, and any character they can imagine. It’s a papercraft version of an enchanted board game with tactical, turn-based RPG gameplay in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Creation is a key part of Popup Dungeon. Users can create and customize every aspect of their heroes from their look and theme music down to their weapons and abilities. Build your heroes using our extensive library of assets or import your own and make something truly unique.

I enjoy a good dungeon crawl, and the art style is unique. But what really caught my attention was the proposed creation system for those who enjoy customization. It looks like it’ll be amazing — but check out the site for a much better explanation of why!


Armello combines the adventure of role-playing games with the strategy of card and board games!

It’s not just the breathtaking concept art. It’s not just the amazing animation or the lovely looking character design. The concept is intriguing and it looks like a game that’s ready to deliver. This game came out on the Kickstarter scene with the roar of a lion and is quickly becoming a popular pick among backers. I can see a lot of success for this one.

Have you been Kickstarting anything lately? What are your picks?