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Halloween 2014: The Secret World Brings Awesome Back



The Secret World is currently 66% off on Steam! That’s $10.19 for a buy to play, no subscription MMO. You have nothing to lose if you’ve never tried this game before!

 Existing Players! 

Get three free t-shirts for your characters! Go to this URL and enter these three codes:


Okay. All announcements aside, Halloween just wouldn’t be right without creepy events from The Secret World. Being that it’s a horror MMO, Halloween is like TSW’s Christmas in terms of content release. And that’s the way we like it.

The Tricks

This year, we saw all content from the previous two years return – The Cat God is back and Spooky Stories abound on Solomon’s Isle. Super Jack is back, along with Incognito and all the creepies from the previous years. We also get a brand new event called The Broadcast, which centers around mysteries of old-timey number stations and short wave radios.

Jack is back!

I won’t say anything to spoil it for folks who haven’t played yet – I’ve yet to complete the event myself. But the amount of stylized voice acting that went into this event is mind blowing. It seems there’s a shortwave radio in each zone, and I believe each one is playing its own broadcast. Think radio shows like War of the Worlds and you’ll get what I mean.

These broadcasts sound exactly like what you’d expect something from the 1940s to be like. Syn and I hovered around one for a while just to hear the whole of the story. I’m going to assume that each one has its own strange or spooky broadcast to tell, and there is one located in every zone (or so the accomplishment says). When I talk about radio show, I mean a full-on 10-15 show, too.

Last year, we had a lot of great stories to read. This year TSW tells us the stories — if we’re willing to sit by the radio and listen. I know that we weren’t the only ones standing around to hear the tales…

Get in on the event chat channel by typing /chat join event   For even more information about the event, see this great webpage!

The Treats

While Vets got the neat skeleton jumpsuits, there’s a ton of cosmetic fun to be had this year. From new makeups, to hats, to outfits, and even new pets – you have a chance to earn them from the bags given at the end of quests or from boss fights. The nice thing about the cosmetics this year are that they are all tradeable, which means you can sell them, or trade them for other cosmetics you want if you get a duplicate.

You can also purchase bags in the in-game store, which is actually what I did to get my cosmetics this year. Purchasing the Party Bag and opening it around a group of other people will award up to 20 folks holiday gifts, and give you an achievement that unlocks the new Thriller Dance. Seeing that as a lifetime member I have more FC points than I ever know what to do with, I popped a Party Bag in the crowd at Agartha. It was very satisfying to get thanks from unsuspecting folks just standing by, and I also got the Bloody Wolf pet, and the dance, out of the deal!

New Wolf Pet

The basic store-only cosmetics (wings and hats) are all pretty cheaply priced, too. Overall, it seems like folks are having a great time opening bags and working on event quests.

If you’ve never tried out TSW, I highly recommend it! You can’t beat the current sale — the value of the stories and quests in this game are well over the $10 admission price. 

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FFXIV 2.4 Patch: Rogue Deluge



I’ve been waiting on the 2.4 release of the new FFXIV class – ROG/NIN – and so far, the patch has not disappointed. I’ve taken a break from FFXIV for the past few months, so coming back to the game to see so many people leveling is a fun and refreshing change of pace.

There’s something I love about that kind of “zerg” — a mass of players all working together trying to reach the same goal. It’s the same sort of fun I had when GW2 released and everyone was leveling through areas. I’ve missed that excitement in FFXIV, since most folks have already leveled what they want, or if they level, they do it in dungeons. It’s great to see the FATES outside of Aleport kicking it in high gear again.

Someone noted in chat that we looked like a school of fish. And that’s exactly what it was like. Check out the picture of the Rogue Deluge below.


It’s too early for me to determine if ROG will become my main class, overriding Dragoon for Tai. I put a good bit of work into Tai, earning him all his ilvl 90 armor and such, but I’ve only just started his legendary weapon quest. So switching it won’t be a big loss if I decide I like NIN better. I leveled ROG to 16 last night, and while I enjoyed what I did experience, it’s still too early for me to tell if the class mechanics are my play style. While I like Dragoon in some ways, for dungeon play, it’s a stressful class to me.

The class quests for ROG have been fun and entertaining. Each guild has its own storyline and feel, and I think that the writers really captured the feeling of the ROG essence in the characters you meet there. How can you not chuckle at a guildmaster named Captain Jacke?

Other Patch Stuff

Lookout world! They gave him knives!

The patch included a lot of other stuff as well, such as continued main storylines, the new Shiva primal battle, and new dungeons. Seeing I haven’t gotten much beyond the original get-to-level-50 story, and I’m not much of a dungeon runner, these things aren’t really on my radar for now (or ever).

I do laud the fact that atma drops are increased – now I might actually put the effort into upgrading Zuri’s weapon. They’ve also retired the Myth Tomes and (mostly) ilvl 90 armor. So, now, hunts offer the ilvl 100 armor, but at a slower rate of acquisition. Because I’m not a raider, nor much of a dungeon runner, I’ve not been worried about the grind for Sol Tomes. Now that hunts make this a possibility, I see myself becoming active in the dailies and weeklies.

I’m also excited about what I’m hearing with the upcoming expansion – flying mounts for the win! I’m a little sad (like many) that Dark Knight has turned out to be a tank, but I’ll give the class a chance before I grouch too much about it.

Overall, I’m impressed with the amount of FFXIV patch content (as always) and happy to be motivated to return to this world again.

What? Look at this innocent face! How can you say that?
What? Look at this innocent face! How can you say that?
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Steam Challenge: Haunt the House: Terrortown


Game: Haunt the House: Terrortown
Time Played: 45 mins

A little Halloween fun while reviving my Steam Challenge this week! It’s hard to review Haunt the House: Terrortown because I want to like all that’s there. I just find it lacking in content.

Scaring People With My Music

I picked up this game as a part of a Humble Bundle for Halloween, mostly because I was interested in Zafehouse: Diaries. This came with the bundle, so I didn’t spend very much on it. As much as I really love the style and concept of this game, I can’t say that I’d be willing to pay the full price for it based on the length of the game.

A smaller scale version of this game was originally released for free on Newgrounds in 2010. My honest opinion is for you to try the flash version first… and then if you decide you love it, purchase the Steam game. The Steam version is much different than the original in that it has more places and objects to haunt. I’d suggest waiting for a sale or a bundle.

Okay, on to the good things about this game. The game itself is a lot of fun to play! That’s why I’m so torn in writing this review.

You are a sad little ghost (for reasons that aren’t disclosed until later) who has a mission: to scare people and return what’s been lost. Ooooh! It has a lovely art style, appropriate music and sound effects, and a fun atmosphere. As a ghost, you move through each area and possess objects in the rooms. Depending on the object, you have different interactions you can use to spook the people nearby. This can be anything from rattling paintings, making instruments play by themselves, breaking objects, and even making spooky apparitions appear.

The more you frighten the people in the building, the more fearful the atmosphere in the building becomes. As the tension mounts, you become more powerful and unlock several different new interactions with different objects.

It took a while for me to realize the object of the game wasn’t just to scare people but to scare them just enough that they exit the building. Sometimes this could get annoying when the last few people just run around aimlessly or stare blank-faced at your haunting attempts.

Other Ghosts I Collected

I also discovered, after I was almost done with the first playthrough, there were other playable ghosts you collected. There’s a reason for this (that I will not spoil), but it didn’t seem like they did anything different aside from the sounds they make.

My problem with the game: once you beat it, I really don’t see a lot of reason to play it again. Unless you really like it that much… or you just want to beat your score or earn achievements. After I beat it the first time, I expected a new level with different goals. But I didn’t get that, and it didn’t save the ghosts that I earned in the first playthrough. It just completely started over, tutorial and all.

I could see this game amuse younger players who are waiting excitedly for Halloween, but for me, once or twice was enough. Super cute game. Just low on replayability.



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Halloween 2014: ArcheAge Hallowtide is… Hollow



Maybe I shouldn’t complain since ArcheAge being launched so soon, I didn’t expect a Halloween event of any kind at all. I was surprised and curious when they announce Hallowtide, since this was the first in-game event I’ll experience in ArcheAge.

Sadly, my first impression is not a good one. Especially given the game has been out longer over seas. This is hardly an event at all… it’s more of a cash grab disguised as an “event.” I tried to wait and see if Hallowtide would progress after the initial announcement, but so far, I’ve seen no change in the event’s presentation.

Hallowtide makes GW2’s events (which I feel revolve too much around the gem store) look generous. Let me tell you why I’m disappointed in this so far.

Free In-Game Content: 

  • Two cities on each continent decorated for the event (more of an advertisement for the items you can buy in the store, if you ask me).
  • One daily event. Trade 10 pumpkins to the AH NPC to earn a goodie bag. The goodie bag has a random candy inside that gives a buff.
  • That’s… it…?
You want Halloween decorations? Pay the Marketplace!
You want Halloween decorations? Pay the Marketplace!

In-Store Paid Content: 

  • ALL decorations and costumes. ALL OF THEM!
  • RNG chests that have a chance to drop crappy candy and maybe, maybe, maybe costume items.

This… this… is awful. Especially for a game where folks might actually want to decorate their house. I can see that some of the items are in the store, you know, because someone needs to make money on this game. But I can’t even get a tiny little quest for a free jack-o-lantern to put on my doorstep.

Now, you can also choose to purchase the items from the auction house, after someone’s paid gems for them and put them for sale. Last week, some of the prices for a single jack-o-lantern were crazy expensive. They’ve regulated a little bit now, but it’s still a shame that all event items require either gold or in-game currency to obtain.

I managed to play the AH and pick up some decor for my home. But if this is what I can look forward to from this game’s “events,” I’m finding it harder and harder to want to support this game in any monetary way.

With FFXIV ramping up for a new release tomorrow and what sounds like an awesome expansion on the horizon, I’m going to start making cuts on my sub games pretty soon. So far, I haven’t invested in APEX, but it might be time to start pricing them.

At least they didn't charge for viewing the decorations in the cities...
At least they didn’t charge for viewing the decorations in the cities…
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Resolved! When ArcheAge Decides You’re No Longer a Patron (Though You Paid For It)


Update: Not sure how it happened, but this is now resolved. When I logged in earlier during lunch break, I didn’t have Patron status. Once I got home from work, it was magically restored, though the ticket wasn’t updated. Something happened there, but still… this issue shouldn’t have cropped up in the first place. I’m not the only one seeing this, too. 

I was going to wait to blog about my newest frustration with ArcheAge, but seeing I don’t know if this is going to be resolved quickly, I might as well blog out my annoyance.

Yesterday, my ArcheAge Patron account auto-renewed. I saw the PayPal email come through. On the Trion website, my account says I have a month’s worth of Patron time.

But when I log in, I’m no longer a Patron.

I’m not talking about the time reporting incorrectly when I log in. I’m saying, I’m completely not a Patron anymore.  (Maybe they got tired of me whining about LPs?)

Lost Labor Points

To add insult to injury, AA decided to hard cap my labor in the rudest way possible. Before I realized there was an issue with my account, I put my character to sleep in the bed. This normally gives a buff that awards me with 50 labor points once a day.

However, since I had 2,829 LPs, and the cap for non-Patron is 2,000 LP, using the bed actually TOOK 829 LP from my account. That’s almost a full Worker’s Comp potion right there! 😮


Not only that, but now I’m not getting the Patron LP regen like I should… because the game no longer considers me a Patron. So I’m losing all those LPs, lost the LPs from the game resetting me to cap, and I’m losing loyalty tokens.

It’s really, really not cool.

Asking for Support

After I figured out what was going on last night, I tried to contact support through the online chat. However, the queue was over 200, and the chat was closing in an hour, so there was no chance in getting help that way.

I put in a ticket. However, the last ticket I put in was answered in about 2 weeks… and I don’t have that kind of time to wait! Taxes are due today, and tomorrow I’m heading out of town for a trip. I really don’t want to lose my land and everything I worked for because something glitched out my Patron account in the game.

So… this morning after I got to work, I was number 13 in line for the support chat. The GM was friendly and tried to do whatever it was they do when a Patron account is messed up. It took about 30 mins, and then the GM asked me to log in and out of my account to see if that fixed it.

I was at work, so I had to wait until lunch break to go home and see if it fixed it. This didn’t fix it.

So now, I’m back in the ticket system, with a ticket that’s been escalated. Which is exactly what I was trying to avoid when using the support chat. This is really not what I wanted to happen the day before a trip out of town. 😦


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Halloween 2014: Guild Wars 2 Blood and Meh-Ness



Halloween in Guild Wars has been a part of my gaming life since the very first appearance of the Mad King in GW1. I was a huge fan of the quirky fun and antics the Mad King brought every year. I loved the hats, the jokes, and especially the Mad King Says. There was always a bit of evil glee in watching those folks who didn’t quite know how the game went flub up and die (only to be brought back again).

The funny thing was, Halloween in Guild Wars 1 was pretty much the same every year, and that was perfectly fine. Halloween in GW2? Now that’s been a different story.

Blood and Meh-Ness

The Mad King walks the broken streets of LA, but the decoration and feeling is no where near as cool as previous years.
The Mad King walks the broken streets of LA, but the decoration and feeling is no where near as cool as previous years.

I’m not a fan of the Bloody Prince – I’ll get into more of that later. But suffice to say, I’m not the only one who felt the 2013 version of Halloween was not as good as the 2012 version of Halloween in GW2.

Why is it, in a “Living World” where Anet has no problem with blowing up beloved cities and flying city-ships, that we’re stuck in a time warp with our Halloween event? We were already introduced to Mr. Emo Prince last year. I don’t think my characters are dumb enough to let him out of the box again this year.

This makes no sense in a story context. Why are we being re-introduced to a character we already met? Why is the exact same event unfolding? Why not change it up just a little to say… oh, Bloody Prince found a way to escape again this year or something. All it takes is a little bit of a change and it could have fit, rather than taking us in a weird story loop.

Or better yet, why not have some of the events folks enjoyed from the 2012 version return? What about the scavenger hunt that awarded the neat backpiece that I still use on some characters today? Or, why not the Mad King’s dungeon, that was removed for no good reason last year. I mean, the lion statue in Lion’s Arch is already destroyed, so it won’t make much of a difference. *bitter sarcasm*

The event is so non-important that it doesn’t even get a sub-forum this year. : /

The Labyrinth

Hello? Anyone here? Well, besides you two.
Hello? Anyone here? Well, besides you two.

At least they placed the door to the Mad King’s Labyrinth somewhere easy to get to, rather than having to try and run around the world looking for doors to open. Though… that was kinda fun, in that you could get a trick or treat. Did they remove that aspect of the event, too?

About the only thing I was looking forward to (once I realized this is a replay of last year), was the Labyrinth. It’s one of the last fun zerg scenarios that hasn’t been nerfed to the ground, and it’s a great way to level characters who are under level cap. I took my level 40 Mesmer in there, hoping that the megaserver would reward me with a huge zerg of rampaging fun.

Instead, I found an empty maze. I was really, really disappointed.

I’m not sure if that’s because I just got tossed in a newly formed version of the Labyrinth and the rampaging was going on in another instance or what. But it was a ghost town when I first got there. And anyone who runs the maze knows that trying to make your way through it by yourself (especially sub level 80) is painful death waiting to happen.

Eventually I lucked out and found someone with a commander tag. But they only had one other person with them. I still ran with them, and we started picking up a few other players here and there. We did complete a few events, though the Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn was a total pain yet again this year, even scaled down. I forgot how much I hated that fight.

There was a small group forming by the time I had to leave, but no where near as many people playing as I hoped for with the megaserver change. Usually, the first night of Halloween release, that place is the most crazy zerg ever. I don’t know if it’s because I got dumped in a newly-forming instance, or if people just aren’t coming to the maze. Either way, it’s 😦

Sometimes Less is More

I want to pose one more annoyance here. I loved the Mad King’s character — as it was done in Guild Wars 1. There, it was established that he was a pretty nasty guy, but in a time long ago. It was done in an almost cartoon character way, and put with the silly jokes and games, it was mostly silly Halloween fun.

When I heard they were bringing the Mad King back for GW2, I was really excited. Only, once the events started, things took a turn for the dark. While the scavenger hunt was a fun idea, as the history of the Mad King unfolded, and you actually learned about the people he killed, and saw ghosts of their tormented souls… well… it was suddenly not so easy to find the Mad King a likeable character.

Last year went a step further and introduced the Mad King’s son, the Bloody Prince. Apparently, the Mad King not only killed the prince’s mother on the prince’s birthday, but then proceeded to stuff his own son into a coffin and leave him to die. Now, the Prince wasn’t a very nice guy himself, but this whole Blood and Madness thing does not paint anyone in a good or funny light.

They basically took a character who was just silly Halloween fun, attached a morbid and NOT funny history to him, and made it very difficult for me to enjoy this character. I wish I could have the old, more innocent version of the Mad King back. 😦

Anyhow, I’ll probably be kicking around in the maze here and there, but I honestly have other more interesting Halloween events to play through. Like The Secret World.

Oh, and at least GW2 didn’t shove all the cool rewards in the cash shop this year like they did last year. Though their change to the way players purchase gems (because apparently it was too confusing… riiiight) has a lot of people up in arms.

Get with the program, Anet! You’re so worried about this Living Story and the cash shop that everything else (Halloween, No Dragon Bash, No Super Adventure Box, etc) is falling to the wayside!

Alone in the Labyrinth. :(
Alone in the Labyrinth. 😦
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Halloween 2014: FFXIV All Saints’ Wake

Turned into Bats!

I adore Halloween — the spooky/kooky atmosphere. The fun, the costumes, the candy and the weird. I love participating in Halloween in various games that I play, as well. I decided this year I’d cover each of the events that I participate in.

Yesterday was the release of All Saint’s Wake in FFXIV. This year’s event actually builds on the “story” from last year’s event, which is summarized for you pretty quickly in the first minute of the quest.

I put story in quotes because I’m never quite sure how to categorize FFXIV’s events. Compared to some games, FFXIV events are usually short and sweet. You get your rewards quickly with minimal effort. The quests usually take you through a short storyline, which is rife with strange and unusual humor, and often has a bit of a twist ending.

FFXIV doesn’t take its events too seriously, and it’s something I’ve come to like about it. I don’t need to grind for hours to get cool stuff. I don’t need to attend a timed event. I just show up and follow the crazy antics and walk away with my new cosmetics or chocobo barding. I love when they reward barding! 🙂

This year, they gave both player cosmetics outfit and barding. The quests were easy to complete, and unlike last year, you could finish them even when it wasn’t night time in the city. A repeatable FATE takes place in Uldah, spawning at a fairly quick pace. I found this FATE to be annoying at first, but after turning off player names and a little bit of practice and luck, I was able to get enough cookies to earn my barding for both of my characters.

There’s a lot of excitement boiling around FFXIV lately, especially with patch 2.4 coming next week — NINJA! WOO! Lots of info was dropped at the fan fest, some of it awesome (new expansion), and some of it met with less enthusiasm (cash shop). I’m looking forward to ramping it up in Eorzea again, and totally ready to take on Ninja next week!

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Bragtoberfest: Level 50 & How I Accidentally Made a Lot of Gold in ArcheAge

My Farm Cart!

This will likely be my final brag for the month since I’m not sure what else I can do in ArcheAge to top what happened this weekend. I’ll be focusing on Halloween events (FFXIV, GW2, TSW, etc), and doubt there’s much to brag about there. Also have a trip IRL this weekend, so lots to keep me busy and away from blogging!

Ding 50!

Proof of my Lvl 50. Wait... don't laugh at my build. I'm still working on it! :(
Proof of my Lvl 50. Wait… don’t laugh at my build. I’m still working on it! 😦

So, I reached level 50 in ArcheAge yesterday. You know, it really isn’t even bragworthy. I haven’t quested for levels since the late 20s, aside from just compulsively wanting to finish up the zones I could. So, most of my leveling has come from just doing what I want to do – farming, fishing, gathering, gilda dailies.

In fact, I dinged 50 while finishing the Hearty Meal daily quest, which revolves around crafting an item at the Farmer’s Workbench, clicking on it in your inventory, then delivering it to the nearest auction house NPC. Oooh… strenuous!

So anyhow, I finished that, and switched out Battlerage for Songcraft so that I can level that and have the speed boost song. I was surprised at just how fast levels go when you do that. I’ve hardly done much at all and it’s already level 17.

Now, leveling proficiency? That’s another story all together.

Farewell to a Friend

A fellow blogger, who will remain nameless unless they wish to come forward in comments, has been playing alongside me on the Lucius server. They told me this weekend that the game’s not doing it for them, and they’re calling it a done deal. I was sad to hear this, but I understand.

So we said our goodbyes in game… and they promptly sent me all their stuff! I mean… my eyes boggled. This was obviously hard-earned stuff. And I just don’t know how to put my thanks into words because I really appreciate their total generosity on this.

So, in case you didn’t get my in-game mail in return… thank you. I will put this all to good use and not waste a drop of it!

The Gift Farm

Gift Farm! <3
Gift Farm! ❤

One of the items gifted to me was none other than an aqua farm. My friend sent this to me knowing that I sold my previous aqua farm, and noted that I could sell this one, too. I found that idea difficult — I mean, it was a gift farm. You don’t just go sell gifts.

Previously, when I was attempting an aqua farm (a whole week ago), I didn’t have a boat, funds or fast means to move around to get to the farm. Part of my frustration was with travel to and fro. Also, sales of produce were slow, so I wasn’t sure how profitable it would be to maintain the farm.

Now, I’m in a much better position to take on another plot of land. I have a boat for water transportation. The selling price for aqua farm blueprints is dipping (along with the small housing blueprints). The coral is much more in demand as people start getting higher level alchemy.

To make it short, I decided to keep the farm. Found a nice spot to set it. Named it Giftfarm.

Thank you again.

Thunderstruck Adventures

In AA, any time you plant a tree, you have a rare chance for lightning to strike it. This is called a Thunderstruck Tree.

These are used to build things like the Fishing Boat (which I really want one day) and various other high-end stuff. On my server, they sell for over 800 gold each.

There’s all sorts of speculation on how to get one. I read that longer-growing trees, such as pine, increased the likelihood of lighting striking (makes sense). Since I’m done with growing trees for lumber now that I’ve finished my farmhouse, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to fill my farm up with pines.

The RNG rarely favors me. So, when I came to log my pines yesterday and I found a Thunderstruck Tree, I just lost it.

OMG! OMG! Thunderstruck!
OMG! OMG! Thunderstruck!

The first thing that crossed my mind was — I just needed one more for my fishing boat! I had no intention to sell it, and all intentions to save it in hopes I’d get lucky for a second drop sometime in the future (what’s the chance in that, though)?

Only, it wasn’t to be. Because I derp.

My ThunDERPstruck Moment

I was so excited about the tree, I wanted to share it in chat with someone. It wasn’t good enough to type “I got a Thunderstruck Tree,” though. No. I need to link it in chat.

I’m not familiar with the chat system here, and honestly have no idea how to link something in chat. Maybe you drag it to the bar? Dunno. So, I did the first thing I thought to find options for an item. I right-clicked the Thunderstruck Tree. 

ArcheAge happily let me know that I had unintentionally chosen to cut my Thunderstruck Tree into Thuderstruck Logs.

I panicked! This was not what I wanted to do!

I tried to cancel the action by moving. However, my cursor was still in the chat window, dutifully typing “wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”. By the time I thought to hammer the esc key, the damage was already done.

I was now the owner of four Thunderstruck Logs. And I was crushed!

So, let me put this here for all to see:

Warning: Right-clicking your Thunderstruck Tree will cut it into Thunderstruck Logs. Be careful! 

Salvaging the Situation

It took me about 10 minutes to come to acceptance with the fact that my fishing boat was now just as far away as it was earlier.

Afterall, I still had the logs, and that was something. Right?

So I took to the Auction House to see what they were worth. Over 200 gold each!

“Okay,” I thought. “That’s quite a bit. But who is going to pay that kind of money for one log?”

Half an hour later, I’d sold two of them for over 200 G each.

The other two were sitting up there, but not selling yet. So I went to find out what in the world these logs were used for. Then I discovered…

The Farm Cart!

I was under the impression a farm cart required a whole tree, not a log.

I started to think about it. Farm carts are cute. I’m growing all the stuff I need for the eco-friendly fuel. So why not make one?

That’s what I did. I pulled one log from the AH, sold the last one and went to work on building my farm cart!

I was happy to see that Yny was about to go into peace mode, so I tried out the cart on a long journey up north. It’s a bit slower than I’d like it to be, but considering I’m taking two packs instead of one, I suppose it was worth it.

They see me rollin'... they wonder how much I spent on this cart. Wait, that's not how the song goes!
They see me rollin’… they wonder’n how much I spent on this cart. Wait, that’s not how the song goes!

Elite Merchant’s Cushion

Yes, please! :D
Yes, please! 😀

Finally, the last thing I splurged on was the downy yata fur I needed for the Elite Merchant’s Cushion. I’ve been raising yata in hopes of gathering the material, but don’t see it happening anytime soon. I decided I may as well buy the fur and make the cushion, that way I can sell whatever fur the yata produce from here on for a profit.

That’s what I did. It’s soooo very nice to have access to the Bank, Auction House and Merchant in my home! Worth every gold I spent!

And goal achieved — though not in the way I expected to achieve it.

In Closing

Though I was distraught about accidentally salvaging my Thunderstruck Tree, I think in the end, it was the most profitable and beneficial thing to do. I’m no where near the number of gilda stars I need for the fishing boat blueprint. And even if I did get it, I’d still need to hope that the RNG loved me enough to give me another Thunderstruck Tree (what’s the odds in that)?

So, saving the tree would have done me little good. While selling the logs and crafting a cart that can boost my earning potential was actually a good thing. At least… that’s what I keep telling myself…

So what’s my current goal in ArcheAge? I’ve come a long way in one month!

I have a farmhouse. I have a farm and aqua farm. I have a boat. I have farm cart.

I guess I need to focus on crafting and raising my skills. I’m enjoying fishing. I need to keep working up my gathering to reach the point where I can make seed bundles. I think I want to dabble in leather working, but I’m not sure yet.

Lucek and I hanging at the house. Hanging = AFK XD
Lucek and I hanging at the house. Hanging = AFK XD


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Further Adventures in ArcheAge

Fishing from my Clipper

I haven’t had a chance to detail my recent adventures in ArcheAge now that I have completed my first goal of building a farmhouse. I spent a lot of time over the past weekend experimenting and figuring out what I needed to grow and raise to do things like complete the farmer workbench daily quest and trade runs in my area.

I also learned about aqua farming, attempted fishing for the first time and completed my harpoon clipper.


As of yesterday, I’m level 49. Most of my leveling came from farming and fishing over the past few days. I did take some time out to complete most of the quests in Ynystere. Now that this content is much, much lower level than I am, it didn’t give a lot of experience. I mostly cleared it just to tie up loose ends and get questing items out of my inventory.

My gear is still woefully underleveled, which is a situation I’m trying to figure out how to remedy. I’m not keen on what I’ve been hearing about the end game weapon grinds. Crafting may be a possibility, but I know it’ll be expensive, and I don’t know if it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Still, the things I enjoy doing in game don’t really require nice gear, so that’s not my area of focus right now.

Aqua Farming

Aqua Farming
Aqua Farming

I decided to try out aqua farming last weekend, and purchased the aqua farm blueprint for 20 gilda. The nice thing about this blueprint is that it requires no resources or labor to place. Just the tax certs.

If you look on the map, aqua farm areas are noted as blue smiley faces just off the shore. I had no issues finding a decent spot to place mine, and got to farming quickly.

Aqua farms are each equip with an air supply that you can tap into while you’re underwater planting. It’s slightly annoying to have to stop every so many plants just to make sure you don’t drown, but it comes with the territory. You can use someone else’s aqua farm for air, too.

You’re mostly growing things like oysters and coral on an aqua farm. Theses are items important to alchemy, handiwork and other crafting classes. Each coral was fairly pricey to plant, and depending on the color, had different maturation rates. I planted red coral and was able to sell for a profit, but it wasn’t in demand as much as lumber, cotton or more normal farm items.

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to branch out into aqua farming permanently. I decided that while it’s a neat concept, it just wasn’t for me. The aqua farm was zones away from any of my other farms, and the time it took to travel around could have been used for something more profitable. It was harder to sell the produce at this point, and while it may be more in demand later, I chose to focus on my two farms, which are more than enough for me.

So I sold the farm design and didn’t take much of a loss on it. It helped make up the gold I burned through to finish building my farmhouse.


My First Catch!

Any game that has fishing will always find me fishing. While I’ve had a pole and some worms, earned from a quest, I’ve been waiting until I had the time to actually attempt it.

There’s two kinds of fishing in AA – the kind that requires worms (which are expensive unless you can generate them yourself through planting seed bundles), and the kind that requires lures (which you purchase using vocation badges). I have tons of vocation badges stored up, so I bought some lures and went out to explore.

You can fish with worms from any watery location. This is sometimes called AFK fishing because once you start fishing, your character just goes at it, burning through your stack of worms at 5 LP each cast. These fish aren’t worth much to vendor, but they can be used in crafting.

Sport fishing is a different story. Someone has to work a school of fish into a frenzy by using a chum of some sort — an item also purchased with vocation badges. I’ve never had to chum the water, though, since I’ve always just come to someone else’s fishing spot after they’ve activated it.

Chumming creates a buff that everyone in the area can take part of. While the buff lasts, you can cast with lures to do the real fishing in the game. Whether you hook a fish or not, you earn a good chunk of experience, earn 100 skill points towards fishing, and burn 100 LP per cast.

This annoys me because, again, I’m gated from doing something I want to do due to labor point constrictions. I really enjoy fishing and the little mini-game you play once you hook the fish. Even if I’m not earning much off the catch (only a gold and some), considering the time it takes to land it, I’m just having fun doing it.

But I have to limit my casts because it costs so much labor. Seeing that fishing poles are also time limited once you open them, the whole system has too many frustrations, IMHO.

Yes, I do know that at higher skills you can make a lot of money. But money isn’t the matter here. I just want to sports fish without having to pull up anchor after five attempts because I burned half the LP I have on hand.

I hope that at higher skill, the LP burned for casts will drop significantly. I know there was a slight decrease on labor used for mining as I moved up levels. If anyone has experience with this, let me know!

(I swear this LP system is going to be the end of this game for me.)

Clipper Achieved

My New Clipper

On a happier note, I was still able to purchase a clipper blueprint for gilda stars, even despite splurging on the aqua farm. It’s no fishing boat, but seeing that the fishing boat requires two thunderstruck trees and that I doubt I’ll be leveling fishing quickly, I decided that some boat was better than no boat.

It wasn’t very hard to build in comparison to the farm house. I already had a ton of iron left over, I was able to farm up the lumber and cotton in a few days. Thankfully I had the labor built up, too, because the clipper was pretty labor intensive to craft.

In the end, it was worth it. I really enjoy sailing my clipper and find it so much easier to control than the little rowboat. It’s also nicer to go out fishing on the lake in a big boat, as people out there can be very rude, running right over people who are trying to fish in rowboats. Not that it stopped a guy from rudely ramming my clipper out of the buff area… but yeah. Jerk.

Trade Run in the Danger Zone

Guild Trade Run
Guild Trade Run

I’ve been learning about trade runs now that I have a farm to mass produce what I need to make the runs. I usually play it safe and do runs from Arcum or Falcorth to Lutesong. Yesterday, I was doing a normal run when I met some guildies who were waiting for the airship. They invited me to join them for a run into Yny, which was a contested zone at the moment.

They told me they had a “safe” passage there, even when the zone was in conflict. I’ve not set foot into a contested PvP zone, but these guys were experienced level 50s who said they run this all the time, back and forth for good profit.

We did the run without any trouble. Didn’t see a red, and had no issue with the turn in. Netted a nice 9 gold for it. Even if it was a bit stressful, it was fun to join in a guild run like that. If there’s anything I laud the open world PVP for in this game, it’s in encouraging folks to work together to get something done. If you can trust those people, safety in numbers feels really good.

The reward is going to feel really good in my mailbox, too. 🙂

Future Goals

I’m working on gathering the materials needed for a Merchant’s Elite Cushion for my house. Having an item that provides a merchant, AH and other commodities on hand will be great. I’m raising yata at the moment, working on gathering fur and other mats. It’s the last of what I need, as I’ve already purchased the pigment and such. Sadly, it’s a rare drop, and it’s going to take some time.

I’m enjoying raising animal pens and using it to raise my husbandry skills. I’m also working up gathering to hopefully unlock the ability to plant seed bundles for fishing worms.

I created a family that allows friends to farm the land around my farmhouse. Exploring the perks that gives other people, such as access to the mailbox. It’s neat to share things and help folks out in little ways. 🙂

Decorating My House
Decorating My House


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Free Mobile Apps for the ArcheAge Farmer

Adorable Yata Baby!

Now that I have my farmhouse complete in ArcheAge, I’m able to do something other than burn my labor points gathering the materials to build it. I’m starting to mess around with farming and trade runs, and have spent most this past weekend exploring what I needed to plant to finish which runs, what I needed to feed certain animals, and delved into aquafarming a bit (more on that later).

archeage-farming-appBefore I knew it, I had 7 or 8 different crops and trees growing between my two farms, along with the geese, chickens and yata. I suddenly found myself unable to mentally mark when all these different crops would mature. So, for my own sanity, I went to find a solution.

A few different free harvesting and farming apps did exactly what I needed: provided a place to keep track of all of my farming timers and alerted me when things were ready to harvest or tend.

Harvesting Timer for ArcheAge

Available on iOS. I downloaded this simpler app because I was just looking for a quick timer. This is great to handle most of your farming needs – from trees to plants to livestock.

Update: Since I’ve been using this app, the dev has been in direct contact with me (through comments on this post), and has been making great strides to bring more features. I really appreciate this communication and I’ve even more pleased to support this app as it continues to develop.

The Farming Timer for ArcheAge 

Available on iOS and Android. This app seems to have a lot of features, including timers, taxes, LPs, loyalty, and trade runs. I might try this one out and see if the added features are helpful.

Good luck!