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Sims 4 – Turning It Around


It’s been almost a month since Sims 4 released and I’m still cheerfully posting my Sim adventures on my Simblr. You may have heard that there was a bit of grouch thrown at EA and Maxis, mostly due to the things the base game left out. Well, much to our surprise, it seems the team is working to turn that all around.

The Sims 4 community knew there was an announcement in the wings for today. We just didn’t know how big it was going to be.

Today marks the very first free content patch to Sims 4, including the previously missing Ghosts and new Star Wars costumes to get Sims in the spirit of Halloween! Along with that, we get a new Gnome and new eye colors.


If that’s not exciting enough, EA also announced that November would bring a free patch for the much-wanted pools.

December has a free patch for more careers (thank you – one of my complaints).

All of this is super exciting, especially seeing that the new framework that The Sims 4 is based on allows for this content to be directly streamed through updates, rather than something you have to go to a website and download.

I didn’t know how the team was going to handle all the backlash they got for the missing content in the base game. I had only hoped that it would be through free patches, and now, that’s come true. I’m genuinely stoked for this, and feeling pretty good about supporting this game in the future.

Keep the great surprises coming, Maxis! For more info on how ghosts work, check out this post at Kotaku.



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Welcome Bragtoberfest 2014!



October is one of my favorite times of year. I love fall. I love Halloween. So it’s a perfect time to join in a fall gaming fun festival with other bloggers, dubbed Bragtoberfest.

bragtoberfestIzlain of Me Vs Myself and I  describes this festival as:

We all know that the last few weeks have been a frustrating time to be a fan of video games. There are sections of the Internet and our society as a whole that don’t necessarily see things the way we do, and a huge push back against women, other minority groups, and the industry have stigmatized the word “gamer.” I want to take it back. I want us to remember why we started gaming in the first place. I want you to enjoy being a gamer, and to brag about your accomplishments in games, be it a high score shattered, a nice piece of loot earned, or your name at the top of a leaderboard. That bragging can take place however you see fit, be it via your blog, on a podcast, in a video, whatever you want. Let’s just get back to our roots as gamers.

I haven’t addressed this on this blog because I feel that while it’s all important, social justice is better served by other writers. I try to stay away from these topics because that’s not why I created this blog. I have my own thoughts and opinions, but I prefer not to let these things muddy my reason for being here — writing about having fun as a gamer.

That being said, I’m 100% for this festival and think it’s a wonderful call to gamers, reminding us of why we are doing what we’re doing. When it stops being about fun, then I feel it’s defeated it’s purpose.

On Bragging

In general, I’m not a very competitive or braggy gamer. I’d rather co-op than compete. That’s why PvP and ganky survival games usually have nothing for me but frustration.

That being said, my idea of an accomplishment will probably be tame to other more experienced folks. So… no dissing my brags this month! It’s the best I can do! Okay? XD

I’ll start with a brag that happened last week. I earned World Champion for a floor in the new Gauntlet… using THOR! Woot! I even beat cdrMShepard.  😉

I know my score has probably been beaten by now, but it was a good feeling at the time. 🙂

Goal for this week: Earn my large scarecrow farm in ArcheAge (which means braving PvP-infested waters). Told you my brags would be lame. 😉

If you’d like to get involved in Bragtoberfest, it’s not too late. Check out the Anook community here.