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Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge Executioner

The Bounty Hunter cloak

I don’t know what it is about ArcheAge. I don’t find anything about the game to be absolutely amazing, yet, I log in each day, work towards my goals, stick around in world longer than I mean to, and usually have fun doing what I’m doing. That’s a good thing, right?

I’m pleased with my progress seeing that I’m playing fairly casual as far as leveling goes. I earned level 41 last night, and am already very close to level 42. Crafting does more than you think to boost experience!

Mining Win

ScreenShot0234I reached my previous goal of earning a rank up in mining. This wasn’t very hard to do as mining pretty much consumes most my time and labor in this game right now. I have two more stone packs to make to finish what I need stone-wise for my farmhouse, then I can move on to iron, which I have in spades.

This is the first skill I raised in proficiency, and I think it’s a pretty neat system. I need to research more on how it works, because I know you’re limited in the number of skills you take to certain levels.

Judge’s Gavel

I continue to serve on jury duty whenever I get the chance. The queues are getting longer and longer, which is a good sign of people slowly making their way into the level 30+ bracket and opening jury duty. After serving in the court 10 times, I found a neat little gavel item in my mail. It goes in the weapon slot, but is more cosmetic than anything else, naturally. Just thought it was funny and needed to post a screen of it. 🙂

Judge’s Gavel reward

Becoming an Executioner

New Title!

After reaching level 40, I unlocked the quest for the bounty hunter’s cloak. This required me to hunt down two pirates, both whom put up a good, solid fight. A kind spectator assisted me on the first fight, while I died landing the fatal wound to the second pirate, earning my cloak and my first title.

I’ve been wanting a title in ArcheAge as they seem a bit more hard to come by (if you’re not a dungeon runner or founder). “Executioner” isn’t my first choice of titles, but it’ll do for now.

Level 40 Woes and Adventures

While questing and leveling isn’t my first choice in activities at this point, once the LPs run out, I have nothing else to do but quest. Due to mining and crafting, I’ve out-leveled the next questing area, Ynystere, by about 10-12 levels.

I only enter this area when there’s a peace time, as I have no interest in PVP. This does limit my questing time, and when I’m there, I blow through quests as fast as possible, not reading text like I normally would. Kinda sad that I do that, but it’s the cost of trying to play it super safe, I guess.

From time to time, I’d poke my head into Rookborne Basin. This area is on level for me, and seems to be at peace more often than Ynystere for whatever reason. The problem I have with that is that without questing in the lower level area, my gear is so far behind that I have trouble surviving a normal on-level enemy.

Last night, I was able to snag a level 40+ sword and bow, which gets me up to speed on my weapons. But armor was still an issue. When Ynystere turned peaceful (right before bedtime –ugh), I made a beeline there, searching for any quest that would offer me an upgrade to my armor.

Eventually, I had to turn to online guides, which informed me the quest that I wanted for half the armor was located all the way near the end of the zone. Good going.

So I scooped up that, then researched where to find the second half of the armor. I found out it was on the West continent, as it seems leveling in 30+ zones is split between the two continents – something I didn’t know! Thankfully, Halcyona was also in peace time (are the two zones linked, or was I just lucky?). So, I learned how to use the Worldgate, which deposits you on the other side of the world. I targeted the armor quest, got it done, and have a small upgrade, which I hope will be useful.

While armor isn’t a  big deal to me, since I’m more here for the crafting and farming, I’d still like to have an up-to-level set for whatever I need to do.

This was also the first time I moved into areas that work through the tension system. When in peace phase, it’s interesting to run around questing next to reds of the enemy faction. No one can kill each other, so it works like a normal non-PVP zone for about two hours before PVP opens up again. I was a little nervous at first, sharing the same space with reds, but so far, I haven’t had any griefing or bad behavior from them. It seems like everyone is set on getting quests done during peace time.

Looking Forward

I’m getting closer and closer to completing my farmhouse. I’ll be so glad once I place these final two stone packs and I don’t have to use all my labor just to mine. I’ll probably still mine some because it’s good money, but I can turn towards other interests, such as fishing.

I learned that fishing doesn’t quite work the way I thought it did — apparently, the info I was reading was from early alpha, and things have changed since then. I have soooo many vocation badges after working to build this house… they’ll go to good use for buying chum and lures eventually!

My next big brag will be when the farmhouse is done. I’ll let you know about it when it happens!