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Free Mobile Apps for the ArcheAge Farmer

Adorable Yata Baby!

Now that I have my farmhouse complete in ArcheAge, I’m able to do something other than burn my labor points gathering the materials to build it. I’m starting to mess around with farming and trade runs, and have spent most this past weekend exploring what I needed to plant to finish which runs, what I needed to feed certain animals, and delved into aquafarming a bit (more on that later).

archeage-farming-appBefore I knew it, I had 7 or 8 different crops and trees growing between my two farms, along with the geese, chickens and yata. I suddenly found myself unable to mentally mark when all these different crops would mature. So, for my own sanity, I went to find a solution.

A few different free harvesting and farming apps did exactly what I needed: provided a place to keep track of all of my farming timers and alerted me when things were ready to harvest or tend.

Harvesting Timer for ArcheAge

Available on iOS. I downloaded this simpler app because I was just looking for a quick timer. This is great to handle most of your farming needs – from trees to plants to livestock.

Update: Since I’ve been using this app, the dev has been in direct contact with me (through comments on this post), and has been making great strides to bring more features. I really appreciate this communication and I’ve even more pleased to support this app as it continues to develop.

The Farming Timer for ArcheAge 

Available on iOS and Android. This app seems to have a lot of features, including timers, taxes, LPs, loyalty, and trade runs. I might try this one out and see if the added features are helpful.

Good luck!