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Weekend Review – FFXIV: Lvl 50 Ninja ~ AA: Uninstall ~ GW2: Living Story

Level 50 Ninja!

FFXIV: Level 50 Ninja

The highlight of this weekend was finally reaching level 50 Ninja in FFXIV. After running fates for a week and a half, this was a pretty big achievement for me. Afterall, in over a year, across two different characters, I only had two level 50 classes up until now. Yes, I’m slow and casual. One day I’ll level the rest of them.

Not today, though. I’m cutting back a bit to give myself a break after that marathon. I”ll be focusing on daily hunts to save up for my ilvl 100 armor. I’m kinda bummed that I didn’t stock up on the much easier to get ilvl 90 armor for other classes when I had the chance. I just didn’t foresee them pulling them off the hunts like this.

Yes, this is the long, patient way of getting this armor. But I’m not a dungeon runner, so this is a good alternative for me.

ArcheAge: Rumbling Archeum Sapling Fiasco

It was difficult for me this weekend. I gave away my beloved farm to a guildie who had been looking for land for a month or so. Pulled up my farm. Canceled my sub and uninstalled.

If I hadn’t already decided to quit the game, after what happened last week, I think I’d have been moving that way already. I’m not sure how much more AA can keep shooting themselves in the foot in the eyes of the players. Just when I thought I’d seen enough of the greed and the Pay 2 Win that permeates that game and drove me away, it keeps getting worse.

freemium south parkFirst is the 10% Marketplace Fiasco. Patrons have been riding Trion hard to give the 10% off marketplace prices that were apparently listed as a Patron perk in the early alpha days (but was later removed). You can remove text from a website, but players won’t unsee what’s been seen, apparently.

So they finally give the players their 10% dues, but only on purchased credit packs, not on marketplace purchases. This is retroactive to all purchases Patrons made since the head start.

However, this doesn’t count Founder Pack credits. It also doesn’t count purchases on credits bought before the head start.

Needless to say, there’s some pretty annoyed Founders.

Then comes what takes the cake: The Rumbling Archeum Saplings.

There’s too much for me to rant about this topic within this post. I’ve created a new post here if you’re interested. Needless to say, it’s completely Pay to Win, and I feel even more justified for leaving the game now that I see the direction it’s taking.

GW2: Living Story

Syn and I played through the newest Living Story offering in GW2 this weekend. Overall, it was enjoyable, but nothing that took me completely by surprise. Like the big Mordremoth reveal, the supposed plot twist at the end of this chapter was already called last year by Wooden Potatoes. Good job, dude!

Maybe if I hadn’t seen this video all that time ago, this would have been a wow moment to me. But it wasn’t. Interesting? Yes. Wow? No. I’m a little bit detached from GW2 now days as it is, I suppose. That’s what happens when a game destroys one too many cities/ships and toys with my interests and emotions. *shrugs*

All that aside, I’ll be writing a full post about my thoughts on the newest Living Story this week.

3DS: Animal Crossing & Fantasy Life

hni_0003I’ve been getting back into my 3DS games lately. Maybe it’s because fall and winter reminds me of the time long ago when I spent hours and hours playing the original Animal Crossing. Or maybe I just feel guilty about not taking care of my town like I should. Either way, New Leaf is a great way to pass time when waiting for hunt FATES to pop in FFXIV.

It’s fall in New Leaf, so all the trees are turning colors and I’ve dressed Mayor Zento up in his typical blue coat and grandpa hat. The game is quite forgiving to players who haven’t logged in in weeks, which is nice. So I just cleaned up a bunch of weeds, caught up with the neighbors, and it was like nothing changed at all between us.

A few weeks back, I purchased Fantasy Life for the 3DS. I have yet to try it, but I really want to. I’ve heard plenty of good things about it, and hope that it might scratch the sandbox itch that was left from the disappointment of ArcheAge.

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ArcheAge: Not Pay to Win Enough?


Have a Rumbling Archeum Sapling

I’d already canceled my AA account before I found out about these little gems. I was feeling a little glum about giving away my farmhouse and picking up my farm with an awesome view. That was until I heard about AA’s newest cash shop venture.

Let me recap something here. Thunderstruck trees were super rare and super expensive (up to 1,300 gold on some servers). They are created when a tree you plant is struck by lightning, which has a very low chance of happening. These trees are used as a part of end game vehicles, such as the fishing boat.

When I got super lucky and obtained a TS tree from my farm, I cashed in big and crafted my farm cart. It was such an exciting moment for me in AA!

But all of that is gone now. You can now essentially pay for a chance at a TS tree in the cash shop.

Yes. You read that right. The most expensive and coveted item, that used to run over 1000 gold… the last time I logged in before uninstalling, it had dropped under 300 gold, and was still falling. I was shocked.

Here’s how it works:

  • You buy one of their RNG chests in the cash shop. You have a chance at getting Rumbling Archeum Saplings.
  • These saplings require no fancy water and mature in an hour.
  • They have a 10% chance at becoming a TS tree.

Now, you might wonder who would pay real money for a chance of a chance at a TS. I did, too, until I realized the massive number of trees up in the auction house. I guess someone is playing that game of chance and AA is making bank for it.

In the meantime, players are worried that now anyone and their cousin can make a fishing boat and start reaping the massive gold from the big catches in the ocean. There’s whispered worries of fishing getting a nerf, or the economy becoming even more over-inflated than is is now.

Do I think that TS trees were too expensive? Yes, I do. But if Trion wanted to make them more prevalent, they could have increased the natural chance for trees to drop on farmed lands. Instead, what did they do?

Put it in the cash shop, of course!