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The Secret World – Did You Know: Kingsmouth Website

kingsmouthChatting in comments on Isey’s new post about The Secret World reminded me of one of the things I love most about the game. The lengths the devs went to, both in game and outside game, to take advantage of the modern day elements.

blueridge-poster-3-copyBecause TSW is based in our current time, things like websites and browsers come into play. In fact, some quests require you to seek answers and information on outside websites, such as that of the Orochi Group. I was tickled when I discovered the in-game browser and ran across clever missions that put your Google skills to the test. 🙂

One thing that some folks may not know about is that Kingsmouth, one of my favorite zones in the game, actually has it’s own official website. I remember finding this back when the game first launched, and I puzzled about the very authentic, small-townsy, amateur web design style. I wondered at first if there really was a Kingsmouth… until I got to the Activities page that had a poster for the Blue Ridge Mines. 😉

If you’ve never taken a moment to check out this site, it’s a fun little trip. Especially since those who are familiar with Solomon’s Isle will understand all the references… which always give me a chuckle.


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2 thoughts on “The Secret World – Did You Know: Kingsmouth Website

  1. THanks for the link, and also thanks for the link to the website – as you say it is exactly what you would expect a sleepy little town to have. It adds to the authenticity.

    One thing I didn’t like about the in game browser is that even searching using the TSW search page still took me to more external sites (often that revealed the answers) – even when I didn’t want that. I would like it a bit more if it took away that too easy temptation!


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