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FFXIV: Achieving Goals

Don't mess with Paladin Tai.
Don’t mess with Paladin Tai.

After feeling frazzled by my goal-setting schedule the past few weeks, I’ve finally reached the light at the end of the leveling tunnel. Over the weekend, I earned level 50 Paladin for Tai and finished up all the class quests for him. I was also able to plunk down all the random ilvl 50+ armor that I’ve kept stored on my retainers for a while, which feels good to do!

I haven’t tried tanking anything with him since my previous dungeon experiences, but I’m hoping the better gear will help improve my future tanking experiences. I know that dungeons level cap you, but going in with a geared level 50 character always feels like a huge improvement over going in at whatever the dungeon’s level is with an ilvl under 50! šŸ™‚

Relic: Dragoon vs Paladin

I was a bit indecisive about what to do with the whole relic thing for Paladin. I’m very, very nervous about the idea of having to tank all those instances, including HM primals. I did go ahead an purchase a fully meldedĀ Aeolian Scimitar with the idea of possible future relic progress. However, after running a bunch of Crystal Tower this weekend, I opted to put my mind at rest and purchase a WeatheredĀ Burtgang using Tomes and one of the manyĀ Unidentified Allagan Tomestones I’ve stashed away.

Dragoon Tai's first WoD drop - funky headpiece!
Dragoon Tai’s first WoD drop – funky headpiece!

This also helped me solidify the idea that I would be starting my Animus weapon quest on Dragoon. One day I may come back and revisit relic for Paladin (I’m holding on to the scimitar), but for now, I just want Paladin geared enough to be a decent tank for FC folks who need someone to fill in.

Getting That Gear

I’ve been having a hard time getting gear drops from ST – I ran about 7-8 without any luck rolling on a sand or oil of time. So both of my characters have been stuck in this ilvl limbo while I watch truly dreadful rolls of 6… 10…. 2… on needed drops.

Thankfully, a FC group got together to run ST several times this weekend, and since some of them didn’t need sands or oil anymore, I was able to grab a few upgrades for Tai! I was also lucky enough to see my first Dragoon item drop in World of Darkness – these funky little demon horns which seem strangely appropriate for Tai’s character. šŸ˜‰

In the Meantime…

Ding 50!
Ding 50!

Most of what I’ve been doing with Zuri has been concentrating on leveling crafting and gathering classes. I hit up the Grand Company turn-ins and the Ixali quests every day. I’m ashamed to say that I only recently realized there were also Grand Company turn-ins for gathering classes (yeah, I’m dumb), but now that I know that, I’ve been going full speed ahead on (mostly) high quality turn-ins for significantly faster gathering leveling.

Fishing was something I’ve worked on weekly, because it’s a gathering class I enjoy. I’m a fishing nut, so whatever game has fishing, you can bet I’ll be out there with a rod. I usually hit up my weekly challenge log and couple that with a few fishing leves, and that’s progressed me through the levels slowly, but surely.

This weekend, I finally reached level 50 Fisher, which is my first max level gathering class ever! Zuri’s gear is awful (still back in level 30s), so I have a lot to do to work on gearing her up to take on the level 50 quest. This isn’t my major focus right now, however, so that might be a goal for later on. I’m just content to finally reach level 50! šŸ™‚

Preorder Day!

I’m stoked that today is the Heavensward preorder day – as I’m sure some folks also are! I’ll be picking up the digital download collector’s edition, if all goes well. I’ll also be asking for some time off from work for the head start time… so I better start getting caught up on story with Zuri! šŸ˜€