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FFXIV: Scholarly Pursuits & Sims 4: Basement Dwelling

Zuri looking tough with her fairy at her side!

Even though I’ve been playing FFXIV rather casually this week, I’ve manage to make a lot of needed progress.

I’ve been sadly slacking in the crafting department (just not enough time to do Ixali quests), but I still managed to pull all crafting classes to at least level 35 on Zuri. Now, whether I’ve actually done the level 30 crafting quest for most of those classes is in question… XD

Most of the this week has been dedicating to finishing up the cross class skills I need for Zuri’s scholarly pursuits. I finally capped level 34 on White Mage to get the Stoneskin spell, so now it’s back to leveling scholar. Syn is leveling Paladin on Zeb, so we’ve been working on this together. This includes a huge amount of FATE running, a bunch of leves, and dragging fellow FC DPS into random low level dungeon runs.

Overall, I’m really enjoying Scholar. For FATEs, it’s a pretty lax and laid back type of class to play. A huge difference from the crazy pace of Ninja and Paladin, which were the last two FATE leveled classes I undertook. In group play, such as dungeons, however, things ramp up a good bit.

Tai hanging out with FC folks after a good WoD run

I’m still trying to figure out that balance between sharing healing duties with Eos. Most the time, I can sense her limitations in a dungeon, and I do just fine. I like that time not spent healing allows me to act as a third DPS. I also like the variety of DPS skills I get from the Arcanist line. DOTs aren’t usually my playstyle, but they seem relevant in this case. I feel like I can add a bit to both sides of the party, and enjoy that I have more damage options than White Mage.

Plus, the book is a cool weapon, and the fairy pet is growing on me. Depending on how Scholar feels as I get in higher level dungeons, I may have found a new favorite class! I have lots of end-level armor waiting for Zuri’s scholar at the end of the leveling road, but we’re taking it slow and steady. We’ll get to 50 when we do.

Tai, on the other hand, had a pretty good week in end-game land. My weekly scored the last Sands of Time that I needed, and our first WoD run also earned me a dragoon drop that replaced an unweathered piece of 100 armor. In fact, the last WoD run we had was pretty lucrative for the majority of FC members that ran with us. So, it was a good night.

Sims 4 Free Update

Yesterday saw a pretty huge Sims 4 update as the game sets a foundation for the upcoming expansion pack. I was surprised about the amount of content this free update provided, which included things such as basements, the ability to build one more story upward, and the ability to make and keep relationships at work and school.

Hurrah for basements!
Hurrah for basements!

BTW, Sims 4 has the best patch notes…. and I always find myself reading through the whole thing! As a fellow technical writer, I have a lot of respect for the person who writes these! XD

So, I was cheering for most of the content updates and fixes they released last night. In fact, I was able to remove a few mods from my library because the official fixes took care of annoyances that I modded out.

There must have been some pretty large changes this time around, because the word is, a lot of mods and custom content has broken due to this last patch. The community is making a list of what’s broken – so be careful when you update to remove all mods and test your CC!

I was lucky in that I didn’t use any of the mods effected by this update. I did have one piece of content that caused the game to hang on launch, but I was able to troubleshoot and remove it. Considering just how much custom content I have in my game, I’m amazed that I don’t see more issues!

The Get to Work expansion is just around the corner, and something I’m looking forward to trying when it comes out! I haven’t yet pre-ordered the game, however, as I want to hear what feedback is out there for such a pricey expansion, especially since my time has been pretty dedicated to FFXIV lately. I’m not in a rush, and know these packs go on sale eventually. Plus, my birthday is hanging out just around the corner, so maybe I can nudge a friend or family member into gifting it to me. XD