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Geek Health: Bento Lunches and PlanetBox Review



I believe this is the first time I’ve written something health/fitness wise on this blog ever. I am by no means an expert on the topic – in fact, my current state of health and fitness is in great need. I’m not in the worst shape I’ve ever been in my life. But, I work in a sedentary office environment, then I come home and enjoy hobbies that are also sedentary (gaming, art, writing).

The truth is, I’m not as young as I used to be (and that’s not going to change), and I haven’t been as health-aware the past decade as I should. Experts seem to stress that getting healthy isn’t about gimmick-diets or fad workouts. It’s about making slow, lasting changes in lifestyle.

So, that’s what I’ve been trying to do this year.

Lunch Lament

I started my path to better health by trying to identify my own behaviors that lead to unhealthy eating. I knew that lunch, in particular, is a big stumbling point for me.

Mario Bento Box
Cute Mario Bento Box – I didn’t make this!

As I noted, I work full time in an office. So that means I must either bring my lunch or eat out. It’s so easy and tempting for me to eat fast food – there’s a Burger King, Chick-fil-a, Arby’s and Subway all within 3 minuets of my work location.

I tried hard to bring my lunch, but I’d soon get tired of the same foods each day. I’d look at my lunch bag with a curled lip, grab my keys, and opt for the more expensive and less healthy option.

Or. I’d force myself to eat what I brought, which was usually not enough to keep full. By the time I was ready to go home, I was so hungry that I’d grab something unhealthy on the way home, or just eat way too much at dinner.

I knew I needed to change this.

The Bento Option

About a month ago, I decided if I could make a lunch that was both appealing and more filling, then I could hopefully prevent unhealthy eating behaviors. I’m not much of a cook, and don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen, so I needed a simple solution. I took to Google to search about what kind of healthy lunches folks make, and quickly ran across the bento box lunch.

Bento is just Japanese for a “meal in a box.” You often see these in anime, especially when school kids bring their lunch. They can be cute or decorative, but above all, they can be healthy.

Bento boxes encourage you to think about portion control and variety – both things that I really needed. Because bento styled boxes are made up of little compartments, there’s only so much you can fit in it. These compartments help separate food (I can’t stand food blending or touching), and keep crunchy things from getting soggy. It also alleviates the need to use extra packaging, such as plastic baggies, making less lunch trash each day (and saving money, too)!

My PlanetBox

A PlanetBox with Koi magnets
A PlanetBox with Koi magnets

While doing research and reading bento blogs, I took note that the actual lunch box you choose is a pretty big deal to folks who are into bento. You can easily head to the local Wal-Mart and pick up a cheap Rubbermaid food container with dividers for under $10. But, I wanted to encourage myself to be dedicated to this choice, so I researched boxes that bloggers were recommended.

What I ended up getting was a PlanetBox. Now, I will say up front that I spent more on this than I’d usually spend for a lunch box – they are not cheap. However, being made of stainless steel, and quite high quality, I doubt I’ll need another lunch box for a long, long time.

I’ve been using mine for about a month now, and I’ve been pleased with it. In fact, I took it to a working lunch meeting a few weeks ago, and all the girls at the office noticed it instantly and adored it. Even the resident foodie oohed and ahhhed about how healthy I packed my lunch!

Todays Lunch!
My lunch today!

It doesn’t take long to clean or pack nightly, which is a plus. It also comes with little dipping containers, which can be used for things like salads and dressings – I have yet to try these out. I try very hard to put a good variety in my boxes each day, stressing fresh fruits and vegetables. I don’t disallow myself something salty/crunchy (such as pretzels). But the box’s compartment keeps the portions small, which is far better than devouring handfuls of chips or such.

So far, this has been pretty successful for me. I have enough variety to keep me from getting bored. Though portions are small, there are many types of different foods, so I don’t leave work ravenous and overeat at dinner as a result. I’ve also made strides to portion control dinner and pick up a variety enough to prevent the desire to order a random pizza instead of eating something healthier.

I’m starting to add an exercise regimen – the P90 series, which I will review later – and hope that this will see a gradual improvement in health and fitness over time. Hopefully blogging about it every now and then will also help keep me accountable… and maybe give you guys some ideas on small changes for a healthier lifestyle.

What do you do for lunch?

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FFXIV: Achieving Goals

Don't mess with Paladin Tai.
Don’t mess with Paladin Tai.

After feeling frazzled by my goal-setting schedule the past few weeks, I’ve finally reached the light at the end of the leveling tunnel. Over the weekend, I earned level 50 Paladin for Tai and finished up all the class quests for him. I was also able to plunk down all the random ilvl 50+ armor that I’ve kept stored on my retainers for a while, which feels good to do!

I haven’t tried tanking anything with him since my previous dungeon experiences, but I’m hoping the better gear will help improve my future tanking experiences. I know that dungeons level cap you, but going in with a geared level 50 character always feels like a huge improvement over going in at whatever the dungeon’s level is with an ilvl under 50! 🙂

Relic: Dragoon vs Paladin

I was a bit indecisive about what to do with the whole relic thing for Paladin. I’m very, very nervous about the idea of having to tank all those instances, including HM primals. I did go ahead an purchase a fully melded Aeolian Scimitar with the idea of possible future relic progress. However, after running a bunch of Crystal Tower this weekend, I opted to put my mind at rest and purchase a Weathered Burtgang using Tomes and one of the many Unidentified Allagan Tomestones I’ve stashed away.

Dragoon Tai's first WoD drop - funky headpiece!
Dragoon Tai’s first WoD drop – funky headpiece!

This also helped me solidify the idea that I would be starting my Animus weapon quest on Dragoon. One day I may come back and revisit relic for Paladin (I’m holding on to the scimitar), but for now, I just want Paladin geared enough to be a decent tank for FC folks who need someone to fill in.

Getting That Gear

I’ve been having a hard time getting gear drops from ST – I ran about 7-8 without any luck rolling on a sand or oil of time. So both of my characters have been stuck in this ilvl limbo while I watch truly dreadful rolls of 6… 10…. 2… on needed drops.

Thankfully, a FC group got together to run ST several times this weekend, and since some of them didn’t need sands or oil anymore, I was able to grab a few upgrades for Tai! I was also lucky enough to see my first Dragoon item drop in World of Darkness – these funky little demon horns which seem strangely appropriate for Tai’s character. 😉

In the Meantime…

Ding 50!
Ding 50!

Most of what I’ve been doing with Zuri has been concentrating on leveling crafting and gathering classes. I hit up the Grand Company turn-ins and the Ixali quests every day. I’m ashamed to say that I only recently realized there were also Grand Company turn-ins for gathering classes (yeah, I’m dumb), but now that I know that, I’ve been going full speed ahead on (mostly) high quality turn-ins for significantly faster gathering leveling.

Fishing was something I’ve worked on weekly, because it’s a gathering class I enjoy. I’m a fishing nut, so whatever game has fishing, you can bet I’ll be out there with a rod. I usually hit up my weekly challenge log and couple that with a few fishing leves, and that’s progressed me through the levels slowly, but surely.

This weekend, I finally reached level 50 Fisher, which is my first max level gathering class ever! Zuri’s gear is awful (still back in level 30s), so I have a lot to do to work on gearing her up to take on the level 50 quest. This isn’t my major focus right now, however, so that might be a goal for later on. I’m just content to finally reach level 50! 🙂

Preorder Day!

I’m stoked that today is the Heavensward preorder day – as I’m sure some folks also are! I’ll be picking up the digital download collector’s edition, if all goes well. I’ll also be asking for some time off from work for the head start time… so I better start getting caught up on story with Zuri! 😀

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FFXIV: Misadventures in Tanking

It's not the dragon I'm afraid of...
It’s not the dragon I’m afraid of…


Before I start talking about my tanking experience, I’m pleased to note that our Free Company, <Guard>, reached a milestone of 50 players last night. We’ll see how long we can maintain that (folks come and go quite a bit in FFXIV – moreso that I’ve seen in other games). Also, there’s a few people on the roster who probably need to be purged as I have a good idea they may not be coming back. Anyhow, this is an exciting time for our little FC, which is slowly coming together nicely.

Misadventures in Tanking

Over the past few months, I’ve been challenging myself to do things that are outside of my comfort bubble in FFXIV. Learning to tank is one of these things. I really like the idea of being a tank, but I’m not sure I like the pressure of being a group leader and the expectations that come with that position.

Still, I’ve been leveling Paladin on Tai, with a goal to make about a level each night since last week. I would usually stick to FATES and leves, but I’ve discovered running dungeons also provide a pretty significant boost in leveling experience. So, last night, when two FC members requested dungeon help, I timidly offered my unpracticed assistance.

Aurum Vale

The first dungeon was Aurum Vale. Yeah, go ahead and groan those of you who know where this is going. I don’t think anyone likes that dungeon, and while I’ve run it several times, it was almost always as a bard. I knew it was going to be a challenge, and was probably a bad idea, but I wanted to help and I needed the experience and practice.

Fancy Zeb to the rescue!
Fancy Zeb to the rescue!

The first attempt was with two FC DPS and a random DF healer. The moment the healer zoned in, she complained about the dungeon and suggested a speed run. This was even after I announced this was the first time I ever tanked AV, and I’m obviously sub-50 by looking at my piece-meal armor. I told her that attempting that was a bad idea (I am just ilvl 46), and I think she was kinda grouchy about it.

The run went just as you’d expect. Several wipes in the first room – some of them due to my inexperienced pulls. Some of them due to just the wandering mobs that are so easy to aggro anyone in the group. Once because the white mage stopped healing for whatever reason (she did own up to it). Then, she would keep spam healing and grouch at me for not holding aggro, while I was working my butt off to try and keep the mobs off her.

We got to the first boss fight and I thought we were doing somewhat better. Until I watched our DPS die one by one. I followed soon after for a party wipe. It wasn’t until later that we realized the healer had not once used a medica, which was pretty essential to winning that battle (since everyone’s life is dropping due to poison effects and boss mechanics).

At that point, I recognized things weren’t going to get any better, and she was complaining she had never had so much trouble healing a dungeon ever. So I called on Syn (who nicely stopped in the middle of working on a presentation for work) to pull in Zeb, and suggested a vote abandon to our group. The healer quickly agreed, and we parted our ways.

So we started AV again, with Zeb as our healer. Having a better idea of the pulls in the first room, and a more patient healer (who actually used medica), we made it through the dungeon the second time without incident. I was still pretty frazzled by then, but I’d promised Almonihah that we’d run Stone Vigil.

Stone Vigil

Zeb wonders what the heck he's doing healing a noob tank like Tai.
Zeb wonders what the heck he’s doing healing a noob tank like Tai.

The experience in Stone Vigil was somewhat different. A lot of the mistakes I made were due to not knowing the dungeon well. I’ve run it many times, though again, as a bard. I did know that there were certain locations to pull groups to, in order to avoid dragon fire and adds, but I didn’t know where those spots were.

The adds in Stone Vigil tended to be the biggest issue. I struggled a lot through that run, and while I somehow kept it together, I always felt like I was just inches away from losing control of the mobs. Maybe it was because I was already frazzled from the dungeon before that.

Either way, we did finish the dungeon without too much incident, and I learned a lot about the dungeons and pulls in general. I finished the night off with completing my Paladin hunting log, and sitting at a little less than halfway through level 49.

Tanking Turmoil

DPS > Tank

First, I want to thank the patient FC folks who allow me to tank these and learn as I go. I’m not writing this as a rant, or out of frustration. I really appreciate the help and support, even if I feel stressed afterwards. I was so worked up after all this, I even dreamed about tanking when I went to bed last night!

I recognize the feeling as the same I used to have when I first played Tai as a dragoon. I thought I’d never get this rotation down. Never get the positionals. I was always going to be an awful dragoon that constantly took dirt naps, and I even leveled ninja to 50 thinking I might replace my dragoon with that class.

But, ninja didn’t end up meshing with my play style well, so I stuck with dragoon. I started working on better armor, and got his relic. Over time, with practice, and better gear, I began to see an improvement in my dragoon skills and in my comfort level with the class. I’m not a fantastic dragoon by any stretch, but I’m doing a lot better than I did just a few months ago. And usually, I have no stress at all playing him now!

I bring this up because I hope that the same may happen with Paladin. I’m really quite afraid of trying to tank through the relic quests, especially primal HMs. But maybe with better gear (I’m working on it) and a little practice, I’ll get the hang of it and be able to tank in relatively low stress.

We’ll see, though! First, I need to get him to 50! Wish me luck!

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GW2: Changing WvW Requirement in World Completion


Update: This change has been officially confirmed on the GW2 website.

So the newest GW2 patch notes for the Chinese client, which were copied and posted on Reddit, talked about the camera changes, new faces and some class changes. Tucked in the middle of it all sat one of the biggest announcements (IMHO):

WvW removed from map completion

This has been a little PvE vs PvP controversy since GW2 first launched, and an issue that rubbed me wrong on more than one occasion. In order to complete 100% of maps in GW2, players were forced to also clear maps in the PvP areas. Whether you liked PvP or not… whether this was even possible due to your server’s WvW standings… it didn’t matter.

The GW2 devs have said more than once that they have a “Try it, you’ll like it!” idealism towards PvE-only players. They wouldn’t remove WvW requirements from map completion because they thought if they could somehow dangle that carrot hard enough, they could show PvE players that WvW was something FUN!

Yeah. Right.

What that ended up doing was annoying PvE players and pushing them the other way. I promise you, the moment a game forces me into “trying” something I don’t view as fun, I’m much more likely to quit the whole thing… and possibly even the game itself… to do something I DO think is fun. Which is exactly what happened.

Syn and I spent hours and hours and hours uncovering the maps in GW1 to get our Legendary Cartographer title. Sometimes it was frustrating, but for the most part, we had a lot of fun doing it. But, when it came to GW2 map completion, we worked on it a bit, and even had a guildie try to help us with capping things in WvW. But after the frustration of getting ganked and the unpleasantness of WvW maps, we gave up on it all together.

For us, world map completion was something that could have held our interest for quite a while at end game. I could have seen us even doing this on several characters, because this kind of thing is fun to us.

But that WvW barrier was just too frustrating. And seeing the devs not backing down, even with plenty of feedback asking for a change, made me just resentful (on top of all the other issues I’ve had with GW2’s direction).

Update: This has now been announced with its own post on the GW2 website. Nice work, guys! 

I find it interesting that more isn’t being said about this. Perhaps the PvE folks who would have cheered for this change two and a half years ago have long since wandered away for the same reasons I have. I find it interesting that such a very big change (to me) is tucked quietly away in the middle of a list of patch notes about camera changes and new face cosmetics. Perhaps Anet didn’t want to make too big a deal about it because… well, that would mean that someone there would have to admit they’ve been wrong this whole time.

Is this enough to entice me back to putting some time into my abandoned map completion project in GW2? I don’t know. That door has really long-since closed. But I’ll never say never. I’d just have to be pretty bored before I put that much time into GW2 again, I think.

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MMO Gaming Contentment: Learning to Be Still


You thought you could find happiness
Just over that green hill
You thought you would be satisfied
But you never will-
Learn to be still

“Learn to Be Still” – The Eagles

540 Day Vet Rewards

Last night, in FFXIV, I logged in to find my newest veteran rewards waiting for me. This was my 540 day, Rank 8 reward including the fun Wind-Up Gilgamesh and the Hildibrand portrait (which promptly went up in my house’s front room). I want to note that I pay for my FFXIV sub by the month, so these aren’t vet rewards that are pre-gifted for a 3 month subscription.

The idea that I have actually stuck with a (subbed) MMO for 18 months (plus the first free month?) is really, really unusual for me. I tend to be a restless game-hopper, especially in the age of F2P games that all struggle to earn your initial interest… and some that trap you through whatever means of guilt and obligation (“I’ve spent too much on this game to stop playing now, even if I’m not enjoying it”).

But lately, I’m learning to be still, dedicating myself to focusing on one game. I find that I’m enjoying the game all the more.

Shopping Around

I’m not going to say that I spent all 18 months completely dedicated to FFXIV, however. Last year was a tantalizing run with many new games that all sought to win the MMO community over. First there was ESO and WildStar. I participated in the beta of both games, and even though I had peer pressure to play ESO in particular, I passed on both of them. Mostly because I was already playing a sub game (FFXIV), and I couldn’t see myself paying another monthly fee.

This seemed to work to my advantage – I don’t feel like even if I’d tried to get into either of them that they would have stuck with me for whatever reason. I like some of the elements they offered, but as a whole package, I didn’t find them as pleasing as FFXIV was as a sub game.

Then there came ArcheAge.  Oh, how I really wanted to love the sandbox ArcheAge was offering, and spent a LOT of time (and some money) trying to make it work for me. I even overlooked a lot of weak elements (story) and features that didn’t appeal to me (open world PvP). It was far from my ideal game, but I tried to enjoy it for what it was.

Sadly, what it ended up being was a massive cash grab full of bots and exploits. So, after a few months into the game, I parted ways. I’ll note that I didn’t leave because I was bored, didn’t have stuff to do, or lacked interest – this was purely a game that I can’t support due to the poor management and shady monetization methods. I don’t regret that choice one bit and have no desire to return to that world.

Other co-op games (Starbound and 7 Days to Die) also captured my interest, and a good amount of time. But I’m not counting non MMOs in this article. So there! :p

Learning to Be Still

I didn’t make too many resolutions this year, but the one that I did (and was quite serious about) was narrowing down the number of MMOs that I’m playing. I decided to focus on FFXIV, in particular, and get caught up on the end game content. I also resolved to pick up the foundations of our Free Company and rebuild it with folks who have similar interests and goals.

ffxiv_03062015_232139As mid-March comes slowly upon us, I can honestly say that I’ve made a strong amount of progress for my characters and our FC. These things have not been easy for me – I’ve had to face a lot of my own self-created worries that prevented me from achieving… and understanding what I really could achieve. So, again, FFXIV has been an experience of self-growth in many ways.

And while I feel a little scattered on what I should focus on within the game – is having too much to do in an MMO really something to be sad about? (I think not!) – I’ve felt much more content overall to make FFXIV my home. I’ve got so much to work on with the Heavensward expansion on the horizon. So much, in fact, that I’ve hardly even paid attention to other ripples in the MMO pond lately.

The GW2 expansion? I’m happy for the folks who really want this, but it doesn’t excite me at all. I mean, Heavensward has flying dragons and griffon mounts… who needs limited hang gliders that you have to work up masteries to fly?

Crowfall? Best of luck to the dev team and folks who are excited for this. It sounds like it has a lot of neat concepts, but the competitive nature that the game is built around isn’t my thing, so I don’t see myself playing it.

ESO going B2P? Happy for the folks who will enjoy it, and who are looking forward to trying it again. Something about the design and feel didn’t mesh with me before, and I doubt it’ll pull me in now. I’m not going to swear off trying it, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

So, what’s your method of MMO gaming? Do you need a game rotation to keep you from getting burned out? Or do you enjoy the depth of sticking with a particular game over a long period of time? 

Learn to Be Still by The Eagles 

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FFXIV: Identity Crisis & Progress


With only 100 days left until Heavensward’s Early Access, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m feeling a push to get things done. With the announcement of Heavensward’s upcoming FC crafting and airship project, I’ve also tried to double down on leveling my crafting the best I can. I’m not sure if I’m going to make it in time, but I’m going to try!


FFXIV_TT_Squall_LeonhartA quick Triple Triad Update! I haven’t had a whole lot of time to dedicate to card playing, but I’m happy to announce that I got the Squall card, which you earn with the achievement for winning against 30 different NPC card players. only lists 32 NPCs to play against, and I haven’t unlocked the rank with the Ixali to play their representative, so that means I had to ram my head against the wall to get wins against all but two NPCs (darn you, Marcette!). I currently only have 34 cards in my deck, but that’s going to have to wait, because I have more than enough tugging at my gaming time to keep me busy.

Zuri at the end of World of Darkness
Zuri at the end of World of Darkness

Our Free Company <Guard> continues to grow – I think the Heavensward announcement, coupled with the welcome back week, brought back a lot of folks. Most of these are finding us from my forum and Reddit recruitment posts. I’ve discovered these folks tend to be much closer in alignment to our FC’s vision than the few that answer to in-game /shout recruits. So, I’ve stopped advertising us in game and hope that the forums will do their thing. We’ve had a little turnover (to be expected), but are still nearing a comfortable 50 member mark, with our first anniversary just on the horizon!

I’m like a sliver of experience away on Alchemist from having all my crafting classes to at least level 30 on Zuri. This has been a long road. Oh, and fishing is now level 49 – so close!

This weekend, Syn and I finished World of Darkness for the first time, and did the weekly CT run for the Carbon-whatever item. Not that I have anything Poetic to upgrade yet! :/

My Identity Crisis

So, I have a problem in most MMOs: I roll way too many characters. I have a hard time settling on one race/class/look and tend to have all kinds of alts to experiment with things.

With the class system in FFXIV, the game actually discourages rolling alts, mostly because  you really don’t need them. But what do I do? Roll an alt anyhow. To my credit, though, I actually have a lot less alts in FFXIV than any other game. XD

When I started playing, I was by myself, and rolled my “main” Bard, Zuri Nimat. I tend to play her when Syn is not around, and use her to scope out new content first and get comfortable with it. Bard allows me to stand back and absorb the mechanics – when I play raids, I like to know every little trick, which is not something as easily learned for me on a melee DPS.

Tai sporting partial Paladin artifact armor.
Tai sporting partial Paladin artifact armor.

When Syn decided to join me in FFXIV (yay!), I rolled my duo alt, TsuYa Tai. I did this in order to play the story along with Syn, so we could stay in stride. I rolled him as a Dragoon, a class I struggled to play up until they gave the Dragoon some love after the Ninja was released. Since then, I’ve enjoyed playing him a lot more, and even completed his Atma and purchasing all of his ilvl 100 gear.

Part of my identity crisis comes from the fact that as our FC has expanded, the number of folks playing Bard has also increased. Bard is just that awesome that everyone seems to like to play it! In fact, I think Tai is the only high level Dragoon we have, and one of a handful of melee DPS. It’s really odd since it used to be flipped for a long time – Dragoon was a favorite DPS.

I think folks should play what they like – it’s part of what our FC stands for. And I really love Bard, so I understand the Bard luv. But I feel that I should start branching out with other classes to help round out our FC parties. I’ve been pulling Tai in more than Zuri lately, and they’ve become pretty equal in all things, including ilvl and story progression.

I’ve been trying to level Scholar on Zuri to provide some variation in healers available – we have quite a few white mages (which is always cool). I’ve even been using my tomes and lucky healer drops from ST to stow away ilvl 100 gear for the class once I unlock 50.

However, the road to leveling another class has been slow for me. Especially since I’m working on leveling Paladin on Tai, who finally reached level 47 last night. Tanking has been another slow, nervous learning process for me. Some days, I’m all gung ho about it (yay, I tanked Cutter’s Cry a few times!). Other days, I shiver at the thought of having to tank stuff to unlock the Paladin relic, or tackle something like ST.

whynotbothMy last few ST runs (0n both Zuri and Tai) have only seen lousy rolls on oil and sands, leaving me with no upgrades at all for days. I’m not even close to picking up my first poetic item, because splitting time between the two characters has slowed down tome acquisition – and even if I did get enough to buy something, I’m not sure which class to use it for anymore!

In the meantime, Syn’s upgraded Zeb’s items all the way and even has an ilvl 130 ring now. She wants to start relic books, and I want to do them with her, but I’m trying to save tomes for alt class armor (haven’t even started that on Tai’s Paladin yet). I’m not even sure which class is going to end up my main~!


I feel so behind! See? Crisis! (First world problems.) 😥

I’d like to pick one thing and stick with it, but that’s not so easy. Zuri has all my crafting and gathering progress, as well as my Gold Saucer progress, and is known as my main (when people talk to me in the FC, they call me Zuri). Plus I adore the character and really enjoy playing her. So, I can’t just leave her in the dust, either.

(Oh, and that’s not including the poor Cactuar server alt I made – I’m really sorry, nice Cactuar people! Not enough hours in the day!) 

This is what I get for waiting this long to make end game progress, I suppose.

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FFXIV Heavensward Expansion Release Date & Collector’s Edition Info

CE Griffon Mount
CE Griffon Mount

Quickie Info

  • Heavensward Pre-Orders Begin: March 16
  • Heavensward Early Access: June 19
  • Heavensward Release Date: June 23

heavensward-release-dateThis weekend, at PAX East 2015, the FFXIV team finally released the details about the upcoming Heavensward expansion that we’ve been waiting for. The release date!

Oh, and FFXIV is also coming to Mac! 😀

While June is a bit later than the “spring” release that was touted, the team claimed wanting to get everything properly polished before release. And seeing the quality of patches in their history, I’m more than willing to hunker down and wait. Besides, I still have waaaaay too much end game content to experience, and giving me until June should hopefully get me up to par on everything.

I’m really stoked about what I saw in the PAX stream videos – from the new class armors to the implementation of flight across very large, open new zones. Many of the zones appear to be sculpted around the design idea of flight, and we saw many really impressive floating structures and things to explore even up in the clouds. I was really pleased by this – flight isn’t just something tacked on to standard, ground-dwelling zones. And the mounts all looked really great!

Heavensward Collector’s Edition Information

There were three different versions of the game mentioned during the stream: A standard edition, a collector’s edition, and an all-in-one edition for those who don’t have the base game. It has been confirmed that there will be a digital upgrade option for those who do not by the CE to start with.

Prices are listed at the official Heavensward website.



Here are the bonuses you get with the CE and preorder:

Baron Circlet & Earrings

CE bonus
Griffin (flying) mount
Kain (FFIV) minion
Cecil (FFIV) helm
Dragon mount figure (for physical only)

Preorder bonus
Baron circlet and earrings
Flying chocobo minion
Early access (4 days before release)

I’m really tickled that a lot of the content from the collector’s edition will be FFIV based (my favorite ever FF console game). So, while I still would have bought the CE version, this is really just a heap of icing on my fangirl cake! 🙂

Heavensward Armors

Also, they gave a look at the new armors each class – including crafters – can get! Mmm… that dragoon….