bookmark_borderWildStar: Free-To-Play Announcement Trailer – YouTube

Glad they waited until the fall to do this – smart seeing that Heavensward is a summer release. I’ll probably still be busy with Heavensward, but I will likely revisit WildStar for the F2P transition. I’m happy I bought a box, and hope that grandfathers me in with a few more character slots! There are way too many classes/races to not be able to experiment some. 🙂

bookmark_borderH1Z1 Funny Man-Head Bug

I logged in to H1Z1 on my female character after yesterday’s patch to find something…. interesting has happened… to… “her.”

She now has a MAN-HEAD! XD


The Man-Head retains the female bun hairstyle, however.


As you can see, the man-head is also a bit disconnected from the body, and floats somewhat above the shoulders.