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FFXIV: The Japanese Horror Story

There will be spoilers for folks who haven’t played Tam Tara Deepcroft Hard Mode.

FV3W0G0 - Imgur
Japanese Horror Style Cutscene

I’m a bit of a horror buff. I love myself some creepypasta and stories that just send chills over your body. So, when I saw people passing around a video of a ghost sighting in FFXIV, my curiosity was captured. I had to do some research.

I’m probably a bit behind the curve on this since I’m not a dungeon runner in FFXIV. Chances are, I probably haven’t even unlocked Tam Tara HM. So for those who already know this story, maybe just reflect on it again. I’m new to it and enthralled.

I keep lauding FFXIV on the quality of its writing. This is an example of MMO writing done well. In fact, this kind of writing, which links an encounter you have when you were still a fairly new player at level 15 to a chilling story that plays out in a HM level 50 dungeon is simply brilliant. And, apparently, the story may not end there.

This video does a great job in breaking down all the elements of the story from the beginning to the end. It’s a little long, but worth a watch for the full lore experience.

According to the wiki entry about Edda, there’s a less than 1% chance that her ghost can appear in any of the three main cities at night for a few seconds. Someone on Reddit captured this appearance on video here:

Spoooky! I hope this doesn’t stop here because… man… I’m really interested in this!