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WordPress Microblogging Experiment: Annoyed by Tumblr

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I first joined Tumblr about 4 years ago, in May of 2011. I’d never heard of microblogging before and really had no idea what Tumblr was all about. I quickly learned, though, and discovered why so many (usually) young people have become addicted to the social network.

I say “social network” because Tumblr isn’t really a traditional blog – though you can use it as one. Rather, it encourages microblogging, liking and reposting content, making it a platform to post short text, artwork and videos.  Up until now, Tumblr has been a place of relative choice and freedom. That’s something that calls to younger folks (and creative folks), because it gives people the feeling of ownership.

Creating a Tumblr blog is quick. Making posts of any kind is easy. Changing your layout is a few clicks (unless you edit yours like I do). A dashboard feeds you content without effort. You simply consume and interact by liking posts, reblogging them and following people.

You can use browser add-ons to block tabs and word content you don’t want to see. You can easily block users you don’t want to hear from. Nothing posts on your dashboard if you don’t want it to – everything has always been yours to control.

Until now.

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