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That’s Sweet!

Went to Google something and saw this. Awww… 🙂


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So, Does Anyone Actually Microblog Using WordPress?

wordpress_vs_tumblrAfter I wrote about my frustrations with Tumblr, I decided I was going to turn this blog into a WordPress microblog. This means I intend to post small snippets of random stuff, freely. Like I usually do in my Tumblr.

I spent a good deal of time searching Google for other WordPress microblogs just to see how other folks have been doing it. I haven’t found any others.

Maybe they just don’t label themselves as microblogs? I don’t know. But when I search for them, what I do get is a bunch of WordPress themes that attempt to make your blog look like a Tumblr blog. Or a bunch of plugins.

A lot of these posts are rather old, too. Some of them date back to 2009-2013. I don’t really see a lot of newer stuff written about microblogging using WordPress. Why is that?

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Never Alone

Woo! This was a surprise birthday present today. Thank you, Al!


Not only have I heard this is a great game, but it should help me expand my knowledge and inspiration about Alaska Native lifestyle. I’ve actually based some of the clans of Nefol after what I’ve learned about this culture, so it’s about helping me world build, too.

Thanks again! I’ll be sure to review it as soon as I can.

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H1Z1: Weiner!

Last night, my zombie troop and I were hanging out in our little huts and minding our own business. Some other player kept hovering around our camp, and while he wasn’t doing anything wrong, there was always the risk he could slip into one of our huts when we opened the door and rob us. He’d also follow us around and from time to time, punch at us ineffectively.

Our group has our own voice chat channel, so we don’t usually use in-game voice chat (which is really bad quality at this point). And Russ was joking about how the guy was a weiner for being a bit of a pest.

Then all the sudden, Russ opens up the in-game mic and says quite loudly, “Weiner!” The guy left shortly afterwards. XD

I got this in my email from Russ this morning to commemorate the moment.


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#NBI2015Safari – Introducing GW2 Kneel Face Selfies

Shortly after GW2 was released, an European friend of mine, Mr. Charming Charr, blogged about something fun. If you have a charr character, you use the /kneel emote, and you twist your camera in just the right way, you can view the interesting “smiling” expression your charr makes.

Very soon, the term Kneel Face was born on Tumblr, and charr were using it to take “selfies.” There is even a Tumblr dedicated to these Kneel Faces, where players have submitted their selfies to be shared.

One of my most memorable Kneel Faces was during the Dragon Bash festival. Back when Lion’s Arch was still around, they had this huge Shatterer hologram flying over the city.

I decided it was perfect to make a Shatter Kneel Face photobomb with my favorite charr, Nipp Mousetrap.

Shatter Kneel Face Photobomb
Shatter Kneel Face Photobomb

Another Kneel Face of note, though it’s not my screen shot – I hope that Charming Charr doesn’t mind that I share it.

Mr. Charming was my first Tumblr friend. He welcomed me to the GW2 community back during beta, and we were excited for the launch so we could finally meet and play together. Only, that couldn’t happen, because GW2 didn’t allow folks on the US servers to guest on the EU servers. We were pretty crushed about that, but remained friends via Tumblr.

I don’t remember what the event was – maybe it was a GW2 free trial or something? But somehow, we were able to create another account and all of the US and EU Tumblr folks were able to finally meet during a huge Tumblr party on the EU servers. This was the lovely Kneel Face photo he took of our characters together, finally meeting after over a year. It was a good time. 🙂


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NBI Tips: A Non-Techy Intro to RSS, Feed Readers, and Why They’re Important to Bloggers


So you’re a newcomer or wayward blogger who’s joining us for this NBI! You’ve taken the first step and posted your hellos on the forum, and people are talking to you, taking interest in your blog! These folks also have really neat blogs, and you’d really like to get involved by following these blogs and seeing what they’re all about.

But how do you do that? There’s so many!

Let me talk about RSS feeds, feed readers, and how they can work magic into your life.

About RSS

Wikipedia calls RSS a Rich Site Summary, but I’ve always heard it meant Really Simple Syndication. Both of those are correct and sound somewhat complex. But all you really need to know is:

  • Most blogs, including yours, have an RSS feed automatically built in.
  • An RSS feed allows you (and your readers) to magically know when a blog posts something new! Yay!

Because it’s so handy, I feel that it’s important to make sure your RSS feed is posted somewhere in a prominent location on your blog. But you can worry about that later. Let’s talk about feed readers.

About RSS Feed Readers

I have new things to read!

A Feed Reader is an application that allows you to subscribe to the RSS feeds that you want to follow. Consider it similar to a Facebook timeline that only shows you updates for blogs you want to read.

There are many different Feed Readers out there. The one I use is Feedly. I find it very simple to use, and highly suggest it. You can create a free feed reader account using any of your existing accounts: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Since I’m most familiar with Feedly, I’m going to detail how it works below to give you an idea what a Feed Reader is about.

About Feedly

Feedly is a web-based feed reader. You can also pick it up as a mobile app, which is cool. I do most my blog reading on my PC, so I just bookmarked the Feedly site (like you would any other) and come back to it whenever I’m curious if I have new things to read.

When there’s new content to check out, it’ll post the number of new updates next to the blog’s name. You just click on the blog name and all the posts appear for you to read. You can also click the title of the post in your reader to hop to the actual blog, in case you have comments or thoughts you want to leave.

Adding a new subscription to Feedly is a snap. Unlike other feed readers of the past, all you need to know is the blog’s URL address.

To Add a New Feed to Feedly

  1. Log into Feedly.
  2. Enter the URL of the blog you want to follow in the search bar located in the top right corner.
  3. Click the +feedly button next to the blog’s name at the top of the window.
  4. Select your category, or make a new one.
  5. Enjoy an organized way of reading all these great new blogs you’re discovering!

Hope this helps!

Do you already use a Feed Reader? If so, do you have a favorite reader? What do you recommend? 

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Funny H1Z1 Ban Notices Pt2

See Part 1 Here


All of Korea? Wow, that’s a pretty intense punishment.

They didn’t have anything snarky to say about a player named “Korea….” and that was probably for the better. I would have added something about getting banned Gangnam Style, though.


Missed opportunity to throw a cheater out the window? Or just enough of a suggestion to make you think of it.


Only if it’s still working. I don’t want to have to piece that thing together.