So, Does Anyone Actually Microblog Using WordPress?

wordpress_vs_tumblrAfter I wrote about my frustrations with Tumblr, I decided I was going to turn this blog into a WordPress microblog. This means I intend to post small snippets of random stuff, freely. Like I usually do in my Tumblr.

I spent a good deal of time searching Google for other WordPress microblogs just to see how other folks have been doing it. I haven’t found any others.

Maybe they just don’t label themselves as microblogs? I don’t know. But when I search for them, what I do get is a bunch of WordPress themes that attempt to make your blog look like a Tumblr blog. Or a bunch of plugins.

A lot of these posts are rather old, too. Some of them date back to 2009-2013. I don’t really see a lot of newer stuff written about microblogging using WordPress. Why is that?

Have people given up using WordPress for that sort of thing because Tumblr seems to have all the functions when it comes to quickly blogging? It’s very true that Tumblr’s Share bookmarklet has far and away put the smack down on WordPress’ “Press This” bookmarklet. It wasn’t until this most recent update that I feel “Press This” has enough functionality to work similarly to what Tumblr offers when it comes to yanking content from other places to blog about it.

And what about these WordPress themes meant to make your blog look like a Tumblr? I might be biased as a long-time WordPress user, but if I own my own self-hosted blog, the last thing I’d do is limit my layout to look like a Tumblr site. The power of self-hosting WordPress comes in all the features and the numerous themes you can choose from… so why imitate Tumblr? You may as well just get a Tumblr at that rate and save your money on self hosting. 😛

I think WordPress is slowly getting the features bloggers need to use it more like a Tumblr. There’s post formats, similar to Tumblr. There’s blog liking, reblogging and following (though only if you’ve got a WordPress account). And now Press This is much improved, making it much easier to pull content from other sites to blog about it.

Tumblr seems to have stolen the show over the past few years by providing an effortless way to connect and share content. But with the network changing, starting with the sponsored ads, will we see the community change, too? Will we see a slow migration away from Tumblr as it becomes more impersonal? And will WordPress be there to pick up those who still want to blog, and maybe blog more seriously?

Don’t think that can happen? I remember a time when LiveJournal was the popular teen and young adult hangout, during the beginning of the whole blogging craze. Where is it now?

Back to my original question: Does anyone actually microblog using WordPress. If so, I’d like to see what you’ve done with it! 🙂

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