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Funny H1Z1 Ban Notices Pt3

Part 1  |  Part 2

Haven’t actually seen a lot of new ban notices lately. Have a few to post tonight, though.


That’s what I call loyalty.



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Unexpected Kindness

I’ve been feeling a little down about certain things dealing with certain things in certain games (vague much?), so much that I almost thought to break my rule of not whining on my blogs about feeling bummed. Instead, I logged into FFXIV and very shortly ran into an unexpected conversation. I was just standing around Ul’dah and someone I didn’t know stopped, turned, and waved. I waved back and this conversation happened:



He didn’t have any idea that this really helped make me feel better in a moment I was feeling down. I’m not sure who was saying good things about me, but I’d like to talk with them someday. It’s nice to know that whatever kindness I must have shown someone was unexpectedly remembered!

It just shows that sometimes you don’t know how something you’ve done effects someone else. So it’s best to do all that you can in the spirit of kindness.