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This is Why I Always Played Toad


Source: Worst Toads Ever

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that roughly every bad thing that’s ever happened to you in Mario Kart has been caused by Toad. Ever manage to stay in 2nd place just to avoid the Blue Shell, only for it to hit you anyways on its way to the leader? That was Toad. Gotten hit by a red shell which knocked you to the side and into a banana peel? Also Toad. Gotten passed at the last second, just before the finish line, when you were about to get a three-star Golden Cup? Most certainly Toad—because out of all of the things Toad is obnoxious at, Mario Kart is his specialty.

But, of course, he’s still terrible at it—he is Toad, after all. Don’t let his “I’m da best” fool you on those few times he manages to pass you (presumably seconds before driving off the map). Toad, just as in other games, is only there to make you miserable. In fact, he is specifically coded to only show the slightest hint of skill when you need to win:

if (PlayerWinNeeded = True) {

ToadSkill = True;

} else {

System.out.println (“I’m da best!”);




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Introducing Fisk

The Chosen 1
Young Fisk

In the newest Runne segment – The Chosen 1 (no pun intended) – I introduced a new character named Fisk. I’m not sure if I’ve ever shown Fisk publicly or talked about him at all. But I’m happy to finally bring him into my world!

He’s a character who has been around for probably over a decade, and has changed designs and roles many times. I think originally, he started out as a young antagonist in a Darkstar sequel that never happened. His quest was to find Luccious’ sword and… well… I don’t completely remember the whole plot or the logic behind it. Suffice to say, he was a teen on a mission and he was an enemy to Ben and company.

I don’t exactly remember when he popped into Wayrift RP chats, or for what reason, but his role shifted when he did. After making connections with other figments and revealing his story over many years, I decided to attempt to write his past as part of Runne. This not only helps me to develop Fisk’s character, but it allows me to show the reader what’s going on behind closed doors in the Manor.

The Chosen will be a short segment, but it’s one with a unique point of view and has a lot of value in the way of storytelling. It shows how something innocent can get caught up in group think… all for the want of love and acceptance. It shows how something good can become twisted and how dark deeds can be justified.

It’s a different sort of coming of age story, and I’m looking forward to where the future of Runne will take Fisk.