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#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge 3: What Made You A Gamer?

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Credit for cool image – get a T shirt!

Can someone have just always been a gamer? As in, it was just part of who they were, something just waiting to be discovered? I don’t have any other explanation for it, because there was never a moment I can point back to that “made” me a gamer. It was just something I was.

I didn’t come from a gaming family. My parents weren’t gamers, still aren’t gamers, and probably will never understand the draw of gaming. I didn’t have a computer while growing up, and was only exposed to PCs and the Internet when I got to college and bought a PC for myself.

pacmanI noted in this Gaming Questionnaire that my first gaming memories revolved around a 5-year-old me and a hand-held Pac-Man machine in the early 80s.

When I was five years old, my family moved across country. Somehow during that, I inherited some of my cousins’ old toys — I guess they thought it would help keep 5-year-old me occupied on a 10 hour car ride. Among those toys was a handheld Pac-Man arcade game.

I played it until the batteries were dead (which sadly didn’t take long).

Once I arrived at my new home, living next door to yet another cousin opened up the world of Atari. He had it all!

When he graduated to the first Nintendo, we inherited his Atari system — good times! Whenever we visited, though, I would play his Nintendo for hours.

We finally got our own NES for Christmas one year, after saving up half the cost and splitting it with parents. Again, parents weren’t gamers, so they didn’t understand the concept of paying $100 for a gaming system. We were lucky (and happy) kids!

From that point on, everything I experienced about gaming came from all my own personal discovery. In 6th grade, I discovered fantasy fiction (again, parents were not fans) through The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. So when I stumbled on the stories of Final Fantasy games (particularly FFII/FFIV), I was immediately a fan of JRPGs.

It wasn’t until college, as I said, that I had access to a PC with an Internet connection. That’s when I discovered MUDs and eventually MMOs. I also became a huge computer nerd, learned how to code and run websites, learned how to build and maintain PCs and networks, and all sorts of things on my own… just because I was interested in it. For a kid who never had a PC, I think I’m doing pretty well in the technology area! XD

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FFXIV Heavensward: Job Actions Reveal

Dragoon’s Job Actions

Yesterday, I managed to catch the FFXIV Letter from the Producer live Twitch stream that detailed upcoming changes to classes for Heavensward. Not only are we getting three brand new classes, but we’re also getting a level cap raise, which means new skills for existing classes.

If you missed the stream, you can see the details of job changes here. You can also see a compilation of job actions in the video below.

My Humble Opinions

I wanted to make a few comments on my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far, which, of course, are just first impressions and based on my rather simplistic and casual play style. It’s also based on the classes I’m most familiar with, so it won’t cover every class in the game.


Seems like they’re trying to make this class a little more active and complex with combo chain derivatives. Not sure how I feel about that until I see it in action… but then, this is coming from someone who is still very uncertain about tanking for groups. I do like the idea that Paladins will get a skill to extend defense to the rest of the party, though.

Opinion: 😐

Dark Knight

I’ve been trying not to ride the Dark Knight hype train because… well… no scythes and not a DPS. But, man, a tank that has a DPS stance and syphons and such sounds like my kind of class. It reminds me a bit of the EQ2 Shadowknight, which I enjoyed solo… but I don’t know how it would function in a group situation. A tank is still a tank. Plus, it seems to be a coveted class, so I’m worried there will be a big influx of Dark Knights come launch. But more tanks (as long as they’re decently okay at tanking) is not a bad thing, right?

Opinion: ❤

Black Mage

Laugh at me, but I struggle to get in a groove with the Black Mage rotation. I know if I practice, I could get the hang of it, but switching between fire and ice is too much trouble for me, I guess. So, the addition of the Enochian buff and the umbral/astral stuff to cast Fire IV and Ice IV just sounds annoying to me. I do like the idea of a haste field, though!

Opinion: 😕


I have a level 50 Ninja, but I have hardly played the class since I hit level cap. What I heard from this announcement does not entice me to play Ninja one bit come expansion. Sounds like they’re adding some weapon skills that require specific positions (back of monster, flank of monster) and a bit more party support, which, on top of the mudras, are things I don’t want to be bothered with. No positionals for weapon skills was the big draw of this class for some (like me). In fact, it was the Dragoon positionals (before we got a buff) that drove me away from the class to level Ninja, cuz they weren’t supposed to have any. So adding positionals in there half a year after the class was released without them is not a good move, IMHO.

Opinion: 😮


They’re adding a Blood of the Dragon buff, which adds yet another action to the Dragoon rotation. I’m okay with this, though, cuz I have a pretty good feel of the basic rotation. Adding a few more steps isn’t a huge deal unless you’re a min-maxer. Also, speeding up jumps is always a good thing.

Opinion: 🙂


Interesting turn with adding the Wanderer’s Minuet, which is a boosted Bard DPS stance that makes them momentarily grounded, playing more like a temporary Black Mage. I don’t have a problem with this since I understand it’s not fair to other ranged classes if a Bard can just run around doing massive DPS without a trade-off. We’ll see how it plays.

Opinion: 🙂


I was actually looking forward to Machinist most of all the new classes prior to this. I might still try them out, but seeing the demonstration didn’t really wow me much. I don’t like the idea of only having something like 5 shots before having to reload. I know, it’s about “realism,” but really. That just sounds annoying to me.

Opinion: :


I haven’t played Summoner much, but I was surprised they didn’t get a new egi pet. This was something promised a long time ago and something players were looking forward to, from what I sensed. This whole Dreadwyrm Trance thing… I just don’t know about that.

Opinion: 😕

White Mage

I’m impressed by what I’ve seen of new White Mage skills. It doesn’t seem overly complex and appears to add to the healing utility of the class. It just reinforced the fact that White Mage will be my preferred healer class.

Opinion: 🙂


I wasn’t as impressed by Scholar changes. Seems like more complexity and I don’t like the idea of sacrificing your fairy pet for heals, MP or whatever it is. It takes too long to resummon and sacrificing the pet kills some of your heal output. I do like they’re giving some better group healing options, though.

Opinion: 😐


Not impressed here. It sounds way too gimmicky and complicated. It’s also exactly what I expected by using luck-of-the-draw cards for buffs. I think I’d be a bit nervous with all the “tactics” being used by this class to entrust healing to them. Way too many opportunities for them to get side-tracked and not watch my life.

Opinion: 😐


Now, I’m done with my impressions. What are yours?