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Weekend Highlights: Crafting Forever in FFXIV, Base Building in H1Z1, More Windward!

I discovered you can dye the gambler's coat!
I discovered you can dye the gambler’s coat!
My Pretty New Ship!
My Pretty New Ship!

I’m just coming off a three day weekend, which is always tough to do. For all the time off, I didn’t really do anything super exciting in the gaming world. I think part of that is just that lull before the expansion in FFXIV.


I’ll start with Windward because first thing Saturday, my net went down for about 5 hours. Bleh. So, anything I played had to be offline, therefore, I put a good bit more time into Windward. The game is slowly getting more difficult, and has its frustrations, but I still enjoy it overall. I think I have enough time under my belt to write a proper review this week!

FFXIV: Crafting Forever

Closer... Closer...

I’m slowly, slowly crawling towards level 50 on all of my crafting and gathering classes. I’m still totally focused on doing just the daily Grand Company turn-ins. It’s kinda random how much experience I get from these, since it all depends on whether you manage a HQ turn in, and if you have a special bonus for a particular class that day.

I do the best I can to turn in the best I can make. But between crafting, gathering, running out of materials to craft, then having to gather more, and figuring out where materials are stored on my retainers, even a good night clocks me in over an hour’s worth of time every day. Sometimes up to 3 if I’m really unlucky with the materials I need.

I’m trying to hang in there and push on to cap – I know I can at least get my gathering classes up there. I do know that come expansion, I’ll just have to push towards 60 anyhow, so I’m honestly not even really sure why I’m focusing so hard on this. I guess it’s just a goal because I need other non-combat goals from time to time. 🙂


Just as we were finishing up our first base in H1Z1, Smed decided it was a good time to completely wipe the servers again. Something about hackers and banning and security stuff that had no effect on me. Wiping my base, however, did. So we had to start all over again this weekend.

Learning from the first time, I decided to try building a base with a ground tamper. This seems more safe, because we had times where creatures could run up under the deck-style foundations and kill us from underneath. Not cool. After finishing walls and doors, I built some platforms for my zombie hunting troop to snipe bears, and they were content.

Building a New Base
Building a New Base

Steam Stuff – Watching a Game vs. Playing It

I also played a bit of Majesty, which I wrote about here.

Along side of that, I put some time into Lone Survivor for my Steam Challenge series. I like the game so far, but (don’t shoot me, this is bad, I know) I almost feel like it’s a game I’d rather watch someone play than play it myself. I don’t even know why… this is the first time (aside from Five Nights at Freddy’s) where I am truly interested in the story of a game, think the idea and atmosphere are both great, but just don’t want the pressure of actually playing the game. I’d rather watch it.

Have you ever had that happen? Does that mean I’m getting old when I’d rather watch a game than play it? XD

I may have to write a post about that. Hmmm.

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#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge 4: The Seven Gaming Sins

noevilThe original questionnaire can be found at the NBI blog. I thought this was an interesting exploration of gamer virtue and vice.

Lust – Do you enjoy games more if they have scantily clad and “interestingly proportioned” avatars? Do you like playing as one of these avatars? Why or why not?

Ew, no. In fact, I’ll quit playing a game where I feel female avatars are too revealing and have no other choice but to dress in that way. Shoot, I even skip the subligar-style armor in FFXIV if at all possible. Cuz no.

Call me a prude, but I have strong feelings on this. My avatar is a representation of myself, and the way I allow them to look reflects on me.

Gluttony – Do you have a game backlog of unfinished games but still buy new games regardless? Why or why not?

Yes, I admit I do. However, I’m actively working on that with my Steam Challenge post series. I’ve actually done well in fighting the temptation to buy new games lately and trying to play the ones I have.

Greed – Do you enjoy hand outs in a game? Have you ever opted to NOT do an action / in game activity because the rewards were lacking? Why or why not?

Sure, I’ll take free stuff in a game. I don’t really consider that “greed,” however. For instance, I’ll log in to get my daily reward in GW2, or to do my cactpot in FFXIV. I used to do the raffles in LOTRO and had a lot of fun with free items I won from the Legends of Norrath card game. If a game is giving out stuff like that, especially cosmetics, I’m all for it.

Yeah, I’ve opted out of an action because I believed the activity wasn’t worth my time or frustration vs the reward I’d earn. On the flipside, I’ve done a lot of silly things for little or no reward, simply because they were fun. So rewards don’t dictate my activities in a game. Fun does.

Sloth – Do you ever leech or AFK in a party? Do you discourage others from attempting things that you feel are difficult? Have you ever seen someone that needed help, but decided not to help them? Why or why not?

No no no no. I never AFK or leech off of groups. I’m way too group-shy not to work as hard as I can to prove myself to every group I join. I’m too scared I’ll be called a “noob” and kicked or something. XD

I usually will go out of my way to help someone who seems like they need help or actively calls for help. But I’m sure I’ve had my anti-social nights where I just log in and don’t feel like dealing with anyone, and keep to myself. I can be a hermit sometimes. Sorry.

Wrath – Ever get angry at other players and yell (or TYPE IN CAPS) at them? Have you ever been so angry to stalk a person around in game and / or in the forums? Why or why not?

Er… no. If I get THAT angry in game, I’ll keep it to myself, leave the group if I have no other option, and talk it out with guildies after the fact. I’ll turn off a game before I embarrass myself by screaming in all caps.

Envy – Ever felt jealous of players who seem to be able to complete content you can’t? Do you ever suspect they are hacking or otherwise cheating? Why or why not?

Eh, I’d be lying if I said I never felt that way. In most games, I’m a very casual player, so I don’t usually hit level cap or raid or do all those big sparkle-pony things. I can usually accept that because it’s a self-limitation and a limitation of my time.

But I do sometimes look with longing at awesome end game gear or weapons and know I’ll never be the person carrying them. It’s a momentary thing cuz that’s just the way it is.

On a sillier note, sometimes I do get class envy, though! I see someone come through on a class I’ve never played and just trounce the monsters. I get so impressed that I have to rush out and roll an alt of that class so I can be that awesome. The alt usually never makes it past level 20-something. I blame this for my alt-aholism. 🙂

Pride – Are you one of those people that demands grouping with other “elite” players? Do you kick players out of your team who you feel are under-performing? Why or why not?

Hahahahah… no. I am no leet player and do not usually play with leet players cuz I’m one of the noobs that they’d kick out of the group. I have no patience for leet-ism in my groups, either.

In all seriousness, when someone is struggling with content, I do try to offer help and suggestions, if they seem receptive. If they aren’t receptive or seem confrontational about changing their play style, I will vote along with the group to kick someone. In that case, they aren’t being kicked for poor performance, but rather poor attitude and unwillingness to attempt to improve.

I’ve totally done my share of teaching new players how to do content (in FFXIV specifically), and I’m always sympathetic to the new folks, especially when they speak up and let the group know. I see it as an opportunity to make a new player’s first experience something good… just as many people did when I was new to these things (for the most part).

Thanks for some great, thought invoking questions!