Don’t Starve Together Happiness



A few years back, I purchased Don’t Starve on I’m not sure why I decided to purchase from GOG rather than Steam, but I had some regrets when I heard Klei was releasing a multi-player Don’t Starve – Don’t Starve Together, but only on Steam. It requires Steam for the multiplayer, so that’s fair enough.

The thing was, they gave everyone who purchased Don’t Starve on Steam a free copy of Don’t Starve Together. But since I didn’t buy it on Steam… well,  you get where I’m going with it.

Don’t Starve Together just recently released, so I did some research today about whether GOG folks could get a copy or not. Found this forum post that said contacting Klei support about it to get a key.

I did that, and support was very quick to respond once I provided my GOG serial number. Not only did they give me a key for Don’t Starve Together, but also Don’t Starve! So, I went ahead and picked up Reign of Giants (it was on sale), even though I already had it on GOG.

Very pleased with Klei support! Great game, great company! 🙂

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