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Fangirling Over A WordPress Theme

My favorite WordPress theme, Divi, has just has a hugely amazing update. Am I the only one who fangirls over WordPress themes? Well, checking out the list of new features, I have great reason to.

It’s not a free theme, but is amazing for the amount of flexibility and the page builder alone. It takes WordPress to a whole new level… and it just went much further because now we can use the page builder in our posts.

divi update

This has been something I’ve dreamed of ever since I started using Divi for my story sites like Runne, Nefol and Zot. I had to turn posts into pages so I could use the page builder for the cool parallax images and columns and other neat layout elements. I had to install a lot of work-arounds to make pages work like posts and fiddle with code every time Divi updated to ensure comments showed up on all of the content.

And now, just like that, all those issues have been fixed. I quickly rushed to convert all my posts back to pages and I’m super stoked to mess around with all the new features in this theme.

My Blogs That Use Divi


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