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How to Microblog Using WordPress


Whether you have a blog hosted or you self host your own WordPress blog, the tools are there to use the platform for microblogging. I started microblogging using WordPress as an experiment almost two months ago when I got fed up with the advertisements and direction I saw Tumblr heading.

During this time, I explored different tools and posting methods provided by WordPress and WordPress plugins to see if I felt this platform performed as well as a platform like Tumblr. Overall, I’ll say with the right tools, this is a resounding Yes!

There are a few catches to it, however.

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Gambler Barding – Set Complete!


With all the excitement of Heavensward swirling around, I forgot to post that I finally got the Gambler barding for Zuri’s chocobo, which completes my Gambler outfit set from the Gold Saucer! Naturally, I had to rename my chocobo Blackjack. 🙂

Being able to purchase 3 cactpot tickets a day has been such a huge improvement!