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FFXIV: Heavensward “Progress”

I’m super happy that Zuri can finally fly in the first zone, mostly for gathering purposes.


But I’m sad that I keep running into this while trying to progress on Tai.


I just got done running a million moogle quests for half a level to earn level 56. Then, I get about half an hour of story and 1/4 a level before I get smacked with a level gate again.

I have been doing a smattering of quests along the way, and a few hunts here and there. A few extra dungeon runs… but I’m not a dungeon running fan, so I choose to do other things with my time instead.

I’m not looking to rush to level cap, and I know there’s only so much story to go around. But in earlier levels, we had story throughout the whole level, not just abruptly cutting off in the first half of the level leaving you with nothing but your own devices until you can get back to the good stuff.

I’m loving a lot of Heavensward, but this is one of my major issues. I’m taking things a lot more slowly on Zuri, and doing every single quest I come across to see if it makes a difference as I level a second time.