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The Sims 4 Spa Day: Official Trailer 

I really am interested in getting this game pack, but I just don’t think I’ll find time to play it due to Heavensward. So, putting off picking it up for now (maybe catch it on a sale).

Think the yoga and wellness levels would be awesome fun for Zento and Tai, though. Especially the teleportation! 😀

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FFXIV Heavensward: Oh, the Nostalgia!

Warning: Heavensward Spoilers if you have not yet progressed past the Bismark Primal battle!

We didn’t get to progress any last night due to the servers coming down for emergency maintenance, but I do have some thoughts about our progress from the night before. Namely, Square really knows how to hit the right nostalgia buttons for us long-time Final Fantasy fans.

Of course, FFXIV has been handing out nods to older games in the series all along, but I didn’t expect a sudden inclusion of Matoya from the original Final Fantasy.

It’s all here!

The music!

Backwards talking brooms and all!



Our next stop is the Library dungeon, but until then, we’re hanging out in Idyllshire, which is pictured at the top. I was excited to finally reach this town because I’ve only heard it’s going to be the next Mor Dhona. It certainly does look like a location we can expect to build up over time. I took a bunch of screens of it, though it was sadly all at night, so I should go get some day screens for future comparison!

I already mentioned how I really liked the music in Idyllshire. It’s interesting how the composer has chosen to use bagpipes for a number of the compositions. Hearing them always reminds me of another nostalgia trip, back in the days of San d’Oria, where I spent so much time in FFXI.

I continue to do my daily hunts and pick off random level 57 quests that have popped up around places, so Tai is now halfway through level 59. I know a lot of folks said they struggled through the leveling process, but it hasn’t been too bad for me so far. We’ve currently caught up to level 59 main scenario quests, though, so hopefully we won’t be too gated before the end.

In other news, I think I’ve decided to level my Warrior on Tai. He’s already got a level 50 Paladin, but the more I hear about Warrior (even before the DPS buffs of 3.0), the more I think that may be the tanking style I enjoy more.

My Warrior is only level 15 right now, so he’s got a long way to go. However, I noticed I have a ton of low level quests hanging around cities (I’m talking level 1 quests), so I might start on “Project Clean-Up Quests” to get them out of my hair and off my map. I know I probably won’t be leveling other classes on this character as I already have them on Zuri (Bard and Magic Classes).

Speaking of Zuri, it’s a little sad how I’ve been playing her less and less. She’s still my crafter and gatherer, but my love of the Dragoon play style (and doubts of the new Bard play style) has won out to the point that Tai is more of a main than she is now. I’ve even started considering leveling gathering classes on him. Yikes!

Erauqs si dlrow eht.