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FFXIV: Owlet!


Ran Fractal again today and Syn got the Owlet drop. She doesn’t collect minions like I do, so she gave it to Zuri! 🙂


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#Blaugust Day 1 – Blogging Blaugust


My very first post for Blaugust 2015.

Last year, I didn’t know about Blaugust until it was well under way. Sad times! But I also wasn’t as involved with the blogging community as I am this year. Good times!

The idea behind Blaugust feels a lot like NaNoWriMo, except there’s not a word count and the goal is to write one post every day of the month of August.

It’s similar to NaNoWriMo because it challenges you to write consistently every day. I’m also going to approach it in an on-the-fly style, much like I do my NaNos. Gonna try to queue up blog posts when ideas come to me… because I know it’s the weekends I’ll have the most trouble with. Just tend to ignore blogging on the weekends for the most part. 🙂

So here’s the first post, wishing everyone blogging along with me good luck!