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FFXIV: Haurchefant & Aymeric Buttons

2015-08-12 17.15.05 HDR

I saw folks around Tumblr who picked up these adorable FFXIV buttons created by Blancmange. I couldn’t resist the Haurchefant and Aymeric, though there are buttons for Scions as well!

I put them on the corners of my monitor, so Haurchefant will always be protecting my PC with a smile. 🙂

2015-08-12 17.20.24



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4 thoughts on “FFXIV: Haurchefant & Aymeric Buttons

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to say that, as the creator of the buttons, reading and seeing this has truly made my night. I’m so happy you liked them and, admittedly, that bit with Haurchefant has left me with a mess of emotions (ha ha ha)! Have a wonderful day!


    1. It’s so very awesome you’d stop and drop a comment on my blog! Thank you for your time and thanks for making these great buttons. It makes me feel a tad better about Haurchefant to have him on my monitor. 🙂


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