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FFXIV: Paladin’s Bow

So I just got Tai to level 52 Paladin tonight, and upgraded all his armor. The previous armor had obscured his jewelry, including his necklace. The new armor is an open shirt style and it… displayed his wonderful… neck attire.


Needless to say, I went to the marketboard to buy him some new accessories tonight. XD

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FFXIV: Celebrating the Moonfire Faire


So this year’s Moonfire Faire is in full swing in FFXIV. We get some snazzy new one-piece swimsuits for gals, two piece suits for guys, and a beach party in Costa Del Sol.

I was surprised to see the event is set at level 30. It’s a little sad that they left out lower level folks with this one, but I can understand why. The FATES around the festival grounds are also level 30… and once I saw how often they spawned, I quickly logged off of Zuri and onto my Cactuar Au’Ra.

She was only level 32 on her main first class, Dragoon, so this was not just a great chance to level her a bit, but to also get all the cosmetics that she didn’t get in the past. Since I made her in February, she wasn’t around for the yukatas and swimwear of last year.

I keep getting caught up in progression with her due to the fact I decided to change from bard to dragoon part way through level 24. I find myself having to stop and do quests to help level her to the point where she can take on the next main scenario story quest or dungeon… so hopefully all these FATES I’ve run (which boosted her to level 33) will help close that gap a bit.

Overall, it’s been a fun event. Good for gathering cosmetics. Good for leveling classes in the 30s. I even earned a level on Tai’s warrior, though I haven’t been working on that very much lately!


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Signal Boost: MMO+ An MMO Search Engine

mmoplusUp front, I will say that the creator of the MMO+ site approached me and introduced me to this tool he’s developing.

I checked it out and think it’s a wonderful idea – a simplified search engine for MMOs, with filters, based on very specific criteria. You want to find all F2P Sandbox games that have PvP elements? Or maybe you want to know what games are currently in open or closed beta. Maybe you’d like to know which games have a futuristic setting. This site lets you filter down to find the games that match what you’re looking for.

When you view a game’s page, it provides information such as the game’s website, subreddit, a summary, and videos.

There are a number of games already on the site, but with so many of MMOs, no one can play all the games alone. So, the developer is requesting help from the community in adding games and fleshing out information about MMOs listed.

If you’re interested in this neat tool, check it out!

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MMO Memory Box: Dark Age of Camelot ~ #Blaugust Day 14

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Like many young fantasy fans, I had a soft spot for Arthurian Legend. So, when I saw a MMO about Camelot, that’s where my mind leapt to. I had no idea that the game was meant to be an RvR endgame – I probably wouldn’t have picked up the game if I had known. This didn’t really matter, though, since during this time, I rarely saw endgame of any MMO I tried. DAoC was no exception.

Click for larger image. 


I can officially say that I had no idea what I was doing in DAoC, and I don’t really remember much about what I did play.

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