1. Eh, only care about FFXIV:ARR. 😛

        Yay, I get my very own Navi!

        Okay, I think I have had the sign I need for my class choice on your server. Remind me! When I join your guild, I will be Menashi Twoshoes, the Lalafell Scholar!

        1. Haha… go for it! That would be so cute! I don’t believe we have any scholars in our FC, so that would be welcome! 🙂

          Plus, as you level Scholar, you level Summoner as well, so if you ever wanted to flip to a DPS class, all you’d have to do is reset your stats and gear.

  1. Cannot resist a Quiz!!! I got Monk. I haven’t played Final Fantasy but I don’t think the description fits. I like yours better.

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