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Free Final Fantasy 1 with FF Portal App!

2015-08-20 12.17.27

I downloaded the free Final Fantasy Portal App because I read you could play Triple Triad for free on your phone.

I noticed that the Portal App is also providing a free copy of FF1 until August 31 as well. I haven’t had time to sit and play it, but I thought I’d pass that along. 🙂

Available in iOS and Android.

2015-08-20 12.18.27

2015-08-20 12.18.33


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5 thoughts on “Free Final Fantasy 1 with FF Portal App!

  1. Thanks for posting this! Now I’ve got 4 different FF games that I’m in the middle of playing. 😀
    Hard to believe I was only 4 years old when this game came out.


  2. The ff1 game closes out on sleep. It reverts to the portal app. It’s not exactly playable as just a casual pickmeup like phone games usually are.


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