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FFXIV: Dragoon AF Armor

Here’s a combination of the original ilvl 50 Drachen armor and my new piece of Dragonlancer armor (the chest).


The armor color is just a little off, but overall, it works. Tai dares you to say otherwise.


He also thinks you should keep your remarks to yourself about the strange tail on his armor.


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MMO Memory Box: Lord of the Rings Online ~ #Blaugust Day 22

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Next to Guild Wars and FFXIV, LOTRO is one of the MMOs I’ve put the most time and money into over the past decade. I was a beta player and purchased the game at launch — I still have the special beta cloak that you got for buying the game from Best Buy (each store had a different cloak design).

Click for larger images.



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