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GW2 3rd Birthday ~ #Blaugust Day 26

This is part of the Blaugust series!


Yesterday, GW2 started passing out the birthday goods for their 3rd year birthday “celebration.” Unlike some games, GW2 doesn’t really throw any kind of event for their birthday. They just pass out presents and put things up for sale in the gem shop (woo hoo… what a celebration!).

Okay, well, sarcasm aside, this year’s birthday presents were an improvement over the last few years, IMHO. If nothing more, than the experience scroll we got per character boosted characters to level 30 rather than level 20. I’ve still be logging in every day slowly leveling my pre-80 characters using the weekly experience scrolls they give out. Seeing I have 4 characters that were sitting at level 20 from previous birthday boost, I was more than happy to bump them all up to 30 to save myself a few weeks of time.

There’s also a permanent birthday finisher for PvP. While I’m not a PvPer, and probably won’t ever be, the only finisher I had was the rabbit one. So, I welcome one collectible finisher I will never use, since it doesn’t really take up any space or anything.


The big excitement for me was the dye packs where you could choose your own rare dyes that were previously only in the gem shop. I poured over Dulfy’s dye galleries and hand picked a number of dies that I thought would go well with existing characters (including that electro blue that everyone seems to be raving about).


I wasted little time in logging in all the characters that I made the very first night of early access 3 years ago. I still remember that well, actually. Me and some friends were hanging on mumble right before midnight waiting for the release excitedly. GW2 actually launched early by a little bit, and I was in there making my characters and reserving names as quickly as I could. Nipp Mousetrap was the first of my characters, and while she isn’t my main, is still one of my favorite that I designed. I haven’t really ever changed her in the long run, even though new faces and hair have been released, and I doubt I ever will.

Though I don’t play GW2 much anymore (aside from logging in for daily rewards), I do wish all who enjoy the game a happy 3rd birthday!