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I’m Writing for MMOGames ~ #Blaugust Day 29

This is part of the Blaugust series!

mmogameslogoI realized from Murf’s comment from when I shared my most recent column published at that I never officially announced that I’m writing there. So, I guess I’m officially announcing that I’m writing there, in particular for the Eorzean Evening Post column. I kinda kept it quiet, aside from sharing posts on social media, because I wasn’t quite sure how this would work out. The kind folks there keep posting my writing, so I guess I must be doing something okay! ^^;

The Eorzean Evening Post is a weekly column, usually posted on Tuesdays, dealing with topics in the FFXIV world, which I hope I’m fairly equip to tackle. It’s been a while since I’ve done freelance writing, so I was both excited and nervous to take the position when it was offered to me.

While the posts may look like something similar to what I might post on a personal blog, the truth is freelancing is a whole different sort of writing when compared to blogging. With a blog, if you don’t have a topic to write about or you just don’t feel like writing for a few weeks, you can set it aside. With freelancing, you have deadlines to meet, whether you feel like writing or not. And while picking a topic is up to me, I do have an editor that comes behind me who changes what they feel needs changing to better match the content the site is looking for.

I think my biggest fear is running out of ideas to write. As bloggers who have pushed through Blaugust may have experienced, when you are blogging under the pressure of a deadline, it feels far easier to draw a blank on what in the world to write about. I’m not sure why that is – if you leave me to my own devices, I usually don’t have a problem finding something to write about… but the moment you slap a deadline on something, that changes the whole game.

I’ve started to use Evernote to jot down article ideas when they occur to me. That way, I hope if I ever do hit a dry spell, I have a list of prompts I can pull from somewhere down the line.

I also want to note that I’m not the only blogger-friend who is writing for MMOGames! Here’s a few other folks that I’m aware write for the site (sorry if I miss anyone!)

So I seem to be in very good company!