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More GW2 Raid Nonsense

Reusing this because I like it

In addition to what I wrote on my main blog earlier today, every time I hear something about HoT, it just pushes me further away from GW2. The new MO interview about GW2 proves they’re stepping in the same kind of crap that WildStar would probably warn them against.

Raids are supposed to be super leet and there will be no LFR because PUGs shouldn’t do them.

And he explicitly said no — there will not be one at the launch of HoT, and there are no plans to ever put one in. He emphasized that this was intended to be coordinated endgame content, not something a PUG can tackle.

And, to pour salt into the wounds, they have confirmed that no HoT = No Future Living Story.

Specifically, the Living World story will be only for HoT players. He explained that story itself has moved to Maguuma, and it only makes sense that the new Living World updates will happen over there.

I get it and all, but they better not double dip by forcing people who didn’t buy HoT at launch to purchase back issues of Living Story just because they weren’t there at the beginning for whatever reason, like they have for Season 2. There’s no more of this Living Story is the content crap when you’ve paid for an expansion.

At this point, I’m so discontent with this game’s direction that I can’t be bothered to grouch about it (openly) anymore. Those who read my rants are probably happy to hear that! XD



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6 thoughts on “More GW2 Raid Nonsense

  1. Seeing as how I just stepped on board the GW2 F2P bandwagon, the number of anti-ANet and ‘Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Great’ posts I’m coming across is quite chilling. It may be a shorter ride than I imagined – or a purposefully blindfolded one!


    1. Don’t let my disappointment dissuade you from having a good time. There’s a lot to love while you’re leveling in the game. The things that upset me are things you won’t be aware of, so may never bother you at all.

      It’s because GW2 was such a good game that I’m so frustrated with it lately. Please, enjoy all it has to offer you as a new player, because it has a lot of good and positive things!


      1. Of course. I’m having enough fun so far to keep leveling, and running into random spots of RP in Divinity’s Reach (on MY timezone!) certainly helps. I meant that ANet’s recent change of tack may simply translate to the game being a one-playthrough deal for me, but that’s ever-changing as always!


    2. Yeah, please don’t freak out over what the veterans are feeling right now. We’ve had three years of seeing the same content to be bored and restless and discontent and get antsy over guessed-at new directions.

      The F2P newbie rush is a great opportunity for new players to feel some of what we felt during the first months of the game, playing with equally clueless, eager to discover what’s around the next corner comrades.

      Anet is paying very close attention to you guys cos you’re the new blood and new money, not the jaded vets. 😉

      Look out for an echo of some of the excitement of the living story updates come our next upcoming patch, dropping some time today or tomorrow, I guess.


        1. The GW2 RP populace is very active and usually quite friendly. I was a part of them for a good while, and even have an old GW2 RP Tumblr blog for some of my characters.

          If you want to come to GW2 for the RP, then you’ll likely really enjoy that aspect of it!


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