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My First Amiibo: Yarn Yoshi

2015-10-16 18.04.04

So, I just haven’t been an amiibo person at all. Maybe 15 years ago, I would have wanted to collect them all. I think they’re cute and neat, but I just don’t have a drive to rush out and buy them for some reason.

Back when I picked up Super Mario Maker, the girl behind the counter was trying so hard to sell me one of the Target exclusive Dr. Mario amiibos they just got in that morning. I was a real Dr. Mario fan in middle school, but I still couldn’t justify picking it up on top of the cost of the game I was buying. *sigh* Adulthood.

So, anyhow, I decided to pick up Yoshi’s Wooly World yesterday. I don’t even know why. I wasn’t following the game’s release and haven’t been hyped for it or any other platformer (it’s been a while since I’ve invested in a platformer). But when I did go to buy it, I saw that the version that came with the amiibo put the cost of the amiibo at $10 rather than $16.

I used to love Yoshi bunches back in the SNES era. And I had a ball with Yoshi’s Island… Plus the yarn Yoshi is really darn cute.

So I splurged and picked up the amiibo pack. So far, I’ve been slowly working through the game, just playing a bit at a time. I keep having to go back and replaying stages so I can earn those little yarn Yoshis. I think that’s my ultimate goal…


This still doesn’t change my overall stance on amiibos, but I like the little yarn Yoshi and don’t regret getting him.

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FFXIV: Zuri Progress


I finally stopped being lazy and finished up the Aery on Zuri tonight. I also unlocked flight in the Churning Mists. Now it’s time for 1000 moogle quests until I get level 56.

I’m still not a huge fan of the changes to Bard. I feel really uncertain of what I’m doing, but I guess I wasn’t terrible in the dungeon party tonight. We had a rather grumpy Machinist, so I’m sure he would have spoke up if I was too below his standards.