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FFXIV: The Chicken Warrior

If you came to this post expecting to see a picture of a giant chicken wielding a battle ax, I apologize. All you get is Zemi instead. Oh, and a chocobo. Does that count for a chicken?

Leveling Marauder

Monday night I got the itch to log into my Marauder alt, Zemi. He was halfway through level 24 and I felt like I wanted to take a break from Zuri and play a tall character (yes, sometimes I get an itch to be a tall character). Little did I know that the servers were coming down for patching that night, so I didn’t get a whole lot done. I finished up some MQS, did a few side quests, and got Zemi just shy of level 25.

When I picked him up last night, I literally had one quest turn in to hit the level. So I did that, found a logical place to pause in my questing, and headed back to complete his level 25 Marauder quest… which awarded one of those chest pieces that have the helmet built in. Ugh.

All the while, I was calculating in the back of my mind when the next dungeon (which I thought would be Haukke Manor) would pop up. Due to FATES and questing, Zemi is vastly over-leveled for the MQS he’s doing – he maintained +4 – +5 levels above. For the first time, those downleveling messages during instanced quests had a meaning. XD

Dungeon Fears (Again)

Even with mere level 23 armor, Zemi’s tearing through these quests like a beast at level 28 now. I was on a roll until the unexpected dungeon appeared: The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak.

Why do I always forget that dungeon even exists?

It was already pretty late at that point, and I found myself pulling up short due to my normal dungeon PUG anxieties. It’s been quiet on the FC lately with folks taking a break while waiting for the next patch. Syn has been out of town for the past week. So I know I’ll have to face this dungeon on my own… or maybe just put it off until after playing a bunch of the Halloween event! Maybe I’ll get my Warrior unlocked before facing down that scary level 24 dungeon. XD

Stop. Gladiator Time!

I did decide to go back and start leveling Gladiator in my down time. I need to get it to 15 for the Warrior transition in a few levels anyhow, and I decided I’d feel better if I had Flash on my bar. I know that Marauders have Overpower, but I leveled Paladin first and am more comfortable with having an wider AOE taunt skill for those just-in-case moments. I’ll eventually keep leveling to get at least Provoke, but for now, Flash is on my bar.

Leveling a new class is really, really fast now, btw. I was level 8 in less than an hour of pounding out the starter quests, Gladiator quests, FATEs and hunts. Zemi was back in his pink outfit for a while, which is always funny to see.

Halloween Hopes

I’m so looking forward to All Saint’s Wake this year. They really went above and beyond with the rewards: Including a flying broom mount! We’ve gotten minions and barding and the like before, but never a whole mount from a holiday event.

Even aside from that, we get a full dyeable outfit, a minion and a lot of housing items. I think this is the biggest haul I’ve seen in a FFXIV event in terms of rewards and variety — I hope that means we’ll see more of this going forward!

Now I have three alts to run through this (4 if you count my Cactuar character), so I know I’m going to be busy this weekend! 😀