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FFXIV: Red Chocobo


Another thing that makes me happy about level 30 is that I can finally change my chocobo’s color. I knew I wanted a red chocobo for Zemi, and was pleased I got it on the first shot! 🙂

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Slow Gaming Week

I haven’t been blogging a ton this past week mostly because I haven’t been gaming all that much (aside from yesterday), to be honest. And that’s probably a good thing given that FFXIV is dropping patch 3.1 Tuesday. I know I’m going to be caught up in a whirlwind of content then, so being nicely rested is a good thing.

FFXIV Progress

This week I was determined to make some progress on Zuri’s leveling. She was just a tiny bit away from making level 58, which would unlock the next main scenario quest for Heavensward, and allow her to reach Idyllshire for the first time.

So I burned through some Vanu quests, made it to Idyllshire, and burned through a lot of those quests, too. In fact, in less than an hour, I was again story capped on MSQ until I hit 59. I’ve been working on the quests around Idyllshire, but the experience bar is slow to move, despite getting new gear.


At this point, I don’t have much interest in grinding too hard to reach 59… If anything, I’m happy with the patch notes informing us that the new Beast Tribe Quests (coming with 3.1) will scale in difficulty and reward based on your level. I’ve just been doing as many quests and hunts as I can manage this weekend, and if I don’t hit 59, I won’t sweat it. I’ll see what the Vanu Vanu beast tribe quests can earn me.

I actually wrote a whole article about this for next week’s Eorzean Evening Post. I think beast tribe quests are vastly undervalued by players and the developers. So if SE is actually going to do something to make them more relevant, that’s welcome news to me!

Now, if they could only be a viable means of earning Law Tomes at 60. Probably not, but one can dream.


The other game I’ve been playing is Warhammer Vermintide. While I usually wait to play with my sister, she’s been busy the past week, so I’ve been trying a few short solo runs for tank practice. I’m slowly getting better at the game, but I’ve had no luck at all with loot rolls. At level 5, I’ve seen no blues or greens drop at all… whereas my sister has secured her Bright Wizard with an awesome blue flame sword and at least one trinket… and she’s run far less than I have.

Look at that bum with her new flame sword!
Look at that bum with her new flame sword!

I know they’re testing a big patch on the test server right now that should vastly increase the bot AI. This will be a huge help as there’s been so many times the bots have been the things that kill us on our runs when they wig out and rush backwards to attack enemies we can’t even see. We had one instance where we were almost to the end on Horn of Magus, and the bots actually ran all the way back down the tower because they sensed a ratling gunner or something. Needless to say, it was game over for us thanks to that.

Sims 4

I spent a few hours this weekend sorting through older custom content and deleting stuff I downloaded on a whim but will probably never use in retrospect. There’s a new expansion coming out soon, and I still need to mess around with the Spa Day pack I bought when it was on sale for Halloween.

Wii U

I haven’t been playing my Wii U as much as I want to, but I have picked it up to update Mario Maker and fiddle around with the Fatal Frame demo that I downloaded before Halloween. I’m actually somewhat interested in Fatal Frame, but I’m not interested in a download-only game that will eat up half my Wii U hard drive space. So, I’ll be content with trying out the demo.


I have plans to tote my Wii U along with me for Christmas holidays this year. So, I picked up a second controller, a controller protector case and a carrying case for the whole system. With so many multi player games, the fun potential this holiday season should be pretty high! 🙂

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FFXIV: Chocobo Companion and Warrior Unlocked!


Yes, he’s still wearing the tin can. It’s just purple now.

I decided to buckle down today on Zemi and get some questing done. He was sitting at level 28 Maurader, and I wanted to get him to at least level 30 for the chocobo companion and start leveling Gladiator to 15 for the unlock. I just blew through quests and main scenario to hit 30 (I’m still leveled way ahead of what I should be). Was so happy to finally have a healing chocobo.


I then went back to work on Gladiator. I already had it at level 8, so I hit up all my hunting logs, quests and FATES to get to 11. At that point, the FC was having an impromptu Mumble night, and I mentioned I was out around Aleport running FATES. Suddenly, I had a random group of FC folks, just running FATES and chatting. And before I even knew it, I was level 16. I couldn’t believe how fast the experience came! I did not expect to get all that done tonight!

So I went back and did all my class quests, and unlocked Warrior for Zemi. Progress made! Now I just need to get him a different set of armor.