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FFXIV: Waiting on Patch 3.1

Our “Most Gentlemanly” Contest in Pharos Sirius

It’s been a quiet month in FFXIV for most of our FC members, so I was surprised over this weekend when we had several nights of dungeon grouping and Mumble chats. Seems like FC folks are just waiting for a reason to log in, and patch 3.1 should hopefully give it to us.

With the release of Pharos Sirius (Hard) coming on Tuesday as part of the new Expert Roulette, a few folks (including me) needed to clear the original Pharos Sirius. Yeah, I’m like two years behind on this. What can I say? If I don’t have to do a dungeon, I don’t do it. XD

Even with an almost full party of level 60s, some boss mechanics on some fights (that first boss!) were surprisingly brutal. We wiped on the first boss and on the Zu (we came into the dungeon pretty blind), but the rest of it was smooth sailing, all “Sirius” jokes aside.

“This is sirius bizness. Only the sirius need apply.”

It was an interesting romp, and I’m glad I did it with FC folks rather than in the DF, but it’s not the kind of dungeon I want to run over and over. I hope they don’t make the Hard mode that brutal, especially if it’s something we’re going to need to run every day.

Aside from that, thanks to industrious crafters in our FC, the fourth and final airship was finished last night. Not only that, but most of our ships are max rank and we have discovered all the sectors. So it’s looking good for our FC to explore those airship missions!

I spent a good bit of my time leveling Gladiator on Zemi, working towards Provoke at level 22. He just reached level 21 last night after cleaning up all hunts and quests that I could find. I guess I’ll have to head to South Shroud for some FATES and leves whenever I go to play him next. I have no idea when that’s going to be seeing that I’m going to be more than busy with all the 3.1 content for a while, I’m sure.

Gonna get all my adulting stuff done this afternoon while the servers are down so I can just come home tomorrow and focus on the update. Anyone else waiting on the patch?