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FFXIV: New Gear, Quickie Post


Just a quickie post because RL is gonna keep me super busy for the next couple of days.

So, a FC member crafted Zuri this awesome tabard (above), and I decided my favorite color on it is the metallic sky blue dye. It was expensive, but worth it – I really like how it came out!

I also realized I was almost capped out on Poetics on Tai, so I bought him a bunch of Poetic armor for his Paladin and upgraded it with all the unused carbon coat and carbon twine I picked up from the old weekly CT raids.


I’m really pleased with the new armor because at level 53, Tai’s been able to solo (with chocobo) all the way up to the level 59 monsters required for his daily hunt. Between that and some of the Vanu tribe quests, he nearly gained a whole half a level yesterday – just a tiny bit shy of hitting 54! Woo!

Considering I’ll probably not be running dungeons to level this class, I can see this armor carrying him all the way to 60, where I have some better tank gear waiting him.

Oh, and last night, I saw the Void Ark out in the Sea of Clouds for the first time ever! Ironically, Syn was running it at that very moment. Kinda trippy to imagine I was looking at the raid where my friend was currently playing (okay, I know it doesn’t work like that, but it’s still neat to imagine).