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FFXIV: All Elezen Party

Note: Not my story or screenshot, but Syn requested me to post this.


Syn says:

Khem Istriam and I ran a pretty good expert roulette this morning. Midway through the dungeon, the tank stops and says, “Wait… are we all Elezen?”  Pretty rare these days… almost as rare as four Roe party.

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FFXIV: Panty Shot

I finally stopped being lazy and pushed Zuri to level 45 White Mage. I got the level 45 artifact armor and put it on… forgetting the sad state of affairs when it comes to White Mage pants. Or lack thereof.


A-Towa-Cant couldn’t impart upon me trousers as well?

Thankfully, I found a level 40-something robe stashed away somewhere until I earn level 50.