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Sims 4: Getting Ready for Get Together Expansion

12-04-15_7-16-18 PM

Yesterday, the Sims 4 released one of the largest patches I’ve seen yet in preparation for their new expansion Get Together, which is coming out Tuesday. I really like what I’ve seen from it, and have already pre-purchased it. Looking forward to simming again!

But can I take a moment to talk about this patch? Man. There’s a LOT of content such as:

  • New 64 bit executable
  • Colored neighborhood maps (makes so much difference)
  • Auto disable for mods and custom content when patches go out
  • New Pool venue
  • New items added to last year’s free Christmas holiday pack (unexpected!)
  • Lots and lots of UI changes – I really like the changes to selecting a household from the map
  • Lots of bug fixes, etc.

I spent some time last night downloading the CC I’d been putting off, updating to the new patch, and troubleshooting a few old mods that started causing troubles. I also finally started messing around with the Spa Day game pack, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Watching Tai trying to learn yoga is fun! Can’t wait until he can master it. 🙂