bookmark_borderGeek Decor: Plushie Hammock!


Somewhere way, way back in my childhood, I remember that one time I had a sleepover at someone’s house and they had these awesome hammocks for stuffed animals. Kid me thought it was artistic and wonderful.

Fast forward several decades. “Adult” me still thinks a hammock full of plush toys is artistic and wonderful.

I came to the realization that I’m starting to amass quite a few plushies. Now, this isn’t a bad thing at all. But, having a cat in the house, I can’t just leave precious plushies around unless I want cat to do what cats do.

Somehow, it occurred to me that I might have enough plushies to start making my own hammock. So that’s what I did.

I’ve also ordered myself a string of fairy lights because I have discovered that I love when I visit Syn and she has holiday lights up in the guest bedroom window. I turn them on and let them act as a rainbow nightlight. I was looking for something like that for my bedroom, and ran across the fairy lights (which I never knew was a thing). If I can get them to do what I’d like them to, I may get more for my living room, where it can be awful dim sometimes.

bookmark_border2016: The Year of Legend of Zelda


Before I knew what Final Fantasy was or had ever touched a NES JRPG, there was my childhood go-to fantasy world of Hyrule and the much-loved Legend of Zelda games. I remember beating both LoZ 1 and LoZ 2 – spending long, blissful hours figuring out puzzles and tricks back when there was no such thing as the Internet (for me).

Link to the Past was one of my favorite SNES titles, and the last official Zelda game I completed. But then, somehow, I got left behind by the LoZ franchise. While I did play the N64 TOOT, I never beat it. I never bought Majora’s Mask until last year’s 3Ds re-release (still haven’t beat it), never played Wind Waker (though I want to get the HD version for Wii U), and while I briefly saw people play Twilight Princess, I never owned it, despite having a Wii.

Well, a few months from now, Twilight Princess is going to see an HD release on Wii U, and it’s on my list to get. And somewhere down the line, I’m hoping we’ll see that much-awaited open world Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U as well.

But that got me to thinking about all the games I own but haven’t completed. I picked up Ocarina of Time back when I bought my 3Ds. I bought Majora’s Mask when it was released for the 3DS, and enjoyed what I played of it, though I didn’t complete it. And my sister gifted me A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS for Christmas.

With the two upcoming Zelda games hopefully in the pipe for release this year, I think that’s a sign that I need to proclaim 2016 The Year of Legend of Zelda. I really do want to experience these games, and I feel I really should do so before purchasing more (ever a problem for me these days).

So this is an official gaming goal for this year! Not a bad one to have, I think! I plan to start in order with A Link Between Worlds, then move to TOOT and Majora’s Mask. Depending on how long that takes (could be a while), I’ll probably go directly to Twilight Princess, then loop back to try Wind Waker.

Any thoughts or suggestions Zelda fans? 

bookmark_borderRevisiting Project: Gorgon – New Starter Zone


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about Project: Gorgon even though I’ve wandered around in the game a bit over the holidays. Part of my interest was due to the fact that they added a new animal town, and life as an animal in P:G is an appealing thought to me. It’s different, just like this game.

Another interest was in the new starter island the team introduced. Previously, all new characters spawned in this winding expanse of underground caves. The game got a lot of meh feedback about the old tutorial area. So even though being stranded on an island as the noob zone is nothing new, having a more open-air area to explore with more than just brown cave walls feels like a big improvement.

I decided to re-roll my character to see what it was all about. My original character wasn’t that far in the game, but I had worked up skills like fishing and animal taming that I’ll have to work up again. However, I needed to re-roll this character anyhow because due to some confusion in the login and character creation phase, I ended up having to attribute my character to an account name I didn’t want to choose. Once we switch over to playing on Steam, I didn’t want any confusion. So I re-rolled her to my proper account and now my desire for account/character order has been filled.

I still haven’t left the starter island yet as I feel there are some things I’m still missing. Most of the NPCs from the cave can be found on the island, as well as some of the puzzles (the light-up portals) and rewards (Charm Rat!). There are some new quests because, obviously, I need to find a way off the island. But overall, I find it a good location to work up the basic skills since you’re never at loss to find a low-level monster to bash. Gear drops are also plentiful, and I rarely ran on the island without seeing at least one other player around.

That’s one thing I think is interesting about P:G. No matter how indie, alpha and small the community, every time I log in, there’s always global chat and trade going on. It’s a stark contrast to some of the newer MMOs where chat is locked away in tiny channels or in guild chat only.


Overall, I like the look and feel of the new island. I think that maybe it could have been a touch bigger as some of the spawns are dense and locations are sometimes placed on steep climbs – the island has a huge rocky hill in the middle. While P:G still has a long way to go in the graphics area (and the team knows this), the island aesthetics are much more pleasing than the original cave tutorial.

It also feels much more open-ended and nudges the player to figure things out from the start. There’s no just walking to the entrance of the cave and leaving. You have to quest and figure out how this teleportation thing works. Just a nice old-skool feel.

I’m holding back on playing P:G too much, despite being a Kickstarter backer, because I don’t want to spoil too much of the game before it gets further in development. This team has a lot of cool ideas and I continue to be excited to see where it’s all going!