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LoZ: Master Sword


As I promised in a previous post I am consistently working on playing through Legend of Zelda titles this year, starting with A Link Between Worlds. Tonight I learned how to take screenshots from my 3DS to Miiverse, so now I can better chronicle my progress. I’m only playing a little bit here and there, but at least trying to make some progress each day. That’s been working out for me.

So, last night I got the last pendant I needed to unlock the Master Sword. Today I puzzled through the Lost Woods and claimed my prize!


I also went to rescue Zelda, but died (for the first time since I started playing) on the boss. I have an idea what I need to do to beat it, but didn’t feel like running all through that dungeon again tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow.

This game is really big on puzzles. I’ve been pretty stern in figuring them all out myself, though there have been a few times I really wanted to go to the Internet for help. But I didn’t! So I’m doing well!

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Black Desert Character Creator


Finally, last night my Internet stopped being a butt and was fast enough to allow me to finish the huge download of the Black Desert character creator. I already knew what class I was interested in, so I was giving the game a chance to win me over via creation and art before I made a choice to pre-order or not. Overall, I was pretty impressed by what the character creator can do.

Now, the one bummer for Black Desert is that classes limit you to a certain gender and style. For example, Witches can only be female, but there is a male counterpart, the Wizard. The problem with Wizards is that they are only old human males – it’s impossible to make a young male wizard, which kinda bites. The biggest complaints I’ve heard about the character creator are those age and gender limitations. I have a funny feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more sassy young Witches than Wizards. Just a hunch.


The class I am interested in, Tamer, seems to be leaning towards some kind of Korean lolita style (whatever that would be called), which I promptly put an end to by attempting to make my character taller (by stretching some areas of the body) and the head longer. She still has a lot of childlike qualities, which is fine with me, and I might tweak her some more on down the line. But I was able to get a character that I liked.


I was impressed by the kind of details I could get, right down to adjusting hair length, curl and individual hair clump shapes. I loved that there are three different channels of color for hair (I was impressed by FFXIV’s 2), so I was able to gradient some really neat colors in my character’s hair! Eyes were another very detailed area – you can make some darn freaky eyes with this thing. In contrast, there’s some really pretty combinations you can make, too.

Another nice thing about the Tamer is that being a younger-looking character, it reduced the apparently-important boob jiggle physics that I saw on other female avatars.


No thanks!


Overall, I liked what I saw and could honestly get lost in the character creator for hours, I’m sure. So, that being the final thing I wanted to check out, I did go ahead and purchase the $30 pre-order for Black Desert, and will be joining the game at launch (hopefully pre-launch). While I still have reservations, I’m willing to take my chance on a buy to play game at that price point to try it out. I purposely chose a package that didn’t give me beta access because I want the experience to be new at launch.

We’ll see how it goes.