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FFXIV: Reaching Goals, Finding Monk!


Goals, goals everywhere!

This past week, I spent a lot of time sick and at home. But not idle. In fact, it was a good week for knocking out a lot of short goals that I’d almost completed on Zuri. I’ve marked so many things off the goal list that I think I need to set a new group of goals.

Crafting and Gathering

As I posted before, I finished leveling both Miner and Botanist to 60. I’m still not geared well enough to properly mine or gather for red scrips, though I can fish them up! I haven’t decided what my focus is going to be yet, but a lot of that has to do with finally getting Leatherworker to 60.

I’ve made slow progress on this, and am halfway through level 59, so if all goes well, I hope to see Leatherworker at 60 tonight. This means I can finally meld the rest of my crafting gear, with only accessories wanting materia – need level 59/60 Carpenter for that, and it’s next on my list.

Beast Tribes and Dragoon

Since I reached my goal of level 50 Dragoon, I’ve been using  leveling roulettes for my other goal of getting low level classes to 30. Since we can now do that roulette in groups, our FC has been taking advantage of it, and it’s been a LOT better to do.

Leveling my Dragoon hasn’t stopped, either. I’ve been pretty good about getting beast tribe dailies done.


I finally reached the final tier of reputation for the Vanu tribe, and will be working on capping that for the extra quests as soon as possible. I’d already earned this tier on Tai, but not on Zuri, so she had to catch up a bit.

I also have started the new Vath quests, and I’m really enjoying them. I wasn’t impressed with the Vath mount when I first saw it. But then I heard the sounds it makes, and I was in love. Its strangely soothing and I want one badly!


I’ve also ran Zuri’s Dragoon through Crystal Tower raids a few times on CT Sunday, which now gives a moderate amount of experience each time. This is a nice change, and helped push me to level 53 this weekend. I’m not particularly working hard to level Dragoon to 60, but I will take whatever progress I can get!

Expert Roulette

With the new Lore Tomes in game, I’m also back to somewhat casually running EX Roulette on Tai. I may have taken a break from playing him over the past month, but he still gets all the nice things.

I’d never completed the Lost City of Amdapor (Normal) before, so I needed to complete that before doing the new Hard version. My FC did a speed run unsynced version to push me through, and I did unlock EX Roulette right after. Overall, between Lost City and Antitower, this EX Roulette isn’t too terrible. I like it better than the Arboretum/Pharos Sirius combo, which I pretty much stopped running after a few times.


Finding Monk

In my quest to level up all the remaining classes to 30 on Zuri, I finally unlocked Monk last night. It feels like a very solid melee class, and I found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would. I need a LOT of practice with it, but I think I’m going to carry it to 50 and see what I can learn about it.

Though Dragoon remains my favorite melee, I thought it was a shame to play Dragoon on both Zuri and Tai as a main class. If I can find a good comfort level with Monk, I may have discovered a new melee class for Zuri that would be different from Tai, and that makes me happy.


I was going to set some new goals for Zuri in FFXIV, but this post ended up longer than I expected. So I’ll just start a new goal-only post instead.

What gaming goals have you been working on lately? 

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FFXIV: Patch 3.2 Quality of Life Goodness

Leveling and learning Pugilist.
Leveling and learning Pugilist.

Syn and I finished the 3.2 Main Scenario quests on Zeb and Tai last night. I was pleased with the amount of story and the quality both, but I will save talking about that for another time.

I’ve spent almost as much time basking in the QoL goodness the patch has brought, specifically for lower level players. One of the first things I did was check out the Hall of the Novice. I am happy to say that I think this will be a pretty useful training tool for newcomers to the game. It really does teach targeting, moving out of AOEs, following the tank, getting adds, activating items (such as a lever) during battle to please mechanics and things like that.

It gives a pretty spiffy outfit, but most of all, it gives the awesome Brand-new Ring. Just check out this beauty – nice stats, but most of all 30% bonus experience to classes under level 30. This stacks with other bonuses for a huge boost in leveling experience!


No joke, I set up my little 22 Pugilist on Zuri and took her through one leveling roulette and a few hunting log quests to make a very fast level 25 this afternoon. This makes me happy that I didn’t go through with my goal to level all my remaining classes to 30 on Zuri, because now I can do that so much faster! This also really boosts experience in FATEs as I pushed my Marauder, who has been perpetually stuck at level 15 for far over a year, to level 17 just messing around in FATEs.

I also got to experience the new DPS queue waiting list. Honestly, this helps so much in so many ways. I get anxious not knowing when the roulette is going to pop… sometimes I need to get up to grab a drink or run to the bathroom or something. Knowing what number I am in the list puts me at ease and also buffers the surprise roulette pop (which is something I hate). I don’t like the unknown and the roulette is all about being unknown. So this makes it a good deal better for me. 🙂


I also got into the Novice Network chat for the first time today. I’m happy to report that I actually saw Mentors attempting to help new players out, and chat was generally welcoming and pleasant.

Aside from that, thanks to the dropped price in Eso gear, I was able to grab three Eso accessories for Tai between last night and one Void Ark run this morning. With that and a few Farthing upgrades, I finally pushed him over ilvl 200, and have hope to finish up the rest of his gear. I know there’s new gear out there, but the Eso grind exhausted me so much, I’m just happy to pick up the scraps now that they’re easier ot get.

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FFXIV: Magnificent Mentorship… Or Not…


One of the first things I did this patch, after checking out the new hairstyles, was unlocking Zuri’s mentorship. This wasn’t difficult to do – just talk to the Smith NPC near the Innkeeper. Okay!


Yes! Awesome! I worked really hard with all my crafting and gathering to get this! 😀


Sure, okay. I accept the ToA.


Oh… really? Uh… gosh. I guess a lot of people wanted to be a mentor today.

I guess I’ll just check out the Mentor Roulette to see what that’s about.



So I can’t run Mentor roulette because I haven’t finished every dungeon, raid and trial in the game? What under 40 hour player is going to NEED Alexander 1-4? This is just… dumb! Why even allow crafters to become a mentor if they can’t run the roulette? Not even the low level dungeons??

Well, Zuri is officially the most worthless mentor on the server. I suppose I can answer questions if any new player happens to whisper me or something. Really disappointed in this. 😦

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FFXIV: Fearless Gaming, Mentorship Goals, and Understanding Raiders


So the title is somewhat misleading as I haven’t actually gotten over all of my grouping anxieties completely. But, lately, I’ve been doing a lot of things I haven’t done in the past in FFXIV. This weekend was one of many accomplishments, both for personal goals and overcoming content with FC members.

It’s also a time when folks are awaiting the 3.2 patch tomorrow. This weekend was quite populated. We even had Behemoth mount circles and paths appearing in Idyllshire in anticipation. These things are always silly fun.


Level 50 Dragoon

Leveling Roulette is one thing I’ve been doing lately that I didn’t before (outside of Tome grinding). In fact, a FC member even expressed his surprise at seeing me running a dungeon that wasn’t absolutely necessary. XD

While I don’t particularly like running Leveling Roulette (it’ll be better when we can do it with friends), I’ve begrudgingly learned that it’s the best for time economy when trying to level a new class. I would have needed to spend lots of hours running FATES to get the same result as I did a few hours of dungeons. And I just didn’t have that kind of time to spend.

Last night’s dungeon brought me up just short of level 50, so I finished it off with some FATEs and hunting log entries. The final fight in the Dragoon quest line used to be a LOT harder… back before you were given ilvl 90 armor. It also helped that I purchased an Poetics spear, too.

Overall, I’m happy I went back through this quest on Zuri. I’d forgotten a lot of the foreshadowing and background for Estinien’s character. I didn’t really know who he was, and wasn’t invested in him the first time I leveled dragoon years ago. Now that I do know him, I spent more time listening to his story, and it all makes so much more sense to me now.


I still don’t much like the AF Dragoon armor for female characters, though. I think the “tummy window” thing is pretty dumb looking… and it was one of the reasons that put me off from leveling dragoon on Zuri previously. Sure, let me be a fully armored melee fighter, but open up a big target on my stomach because I’m a female character. Meh.

Thankfully, she won’t be stuck in the armor for long as I’ll be replacing it pretty quickly in Ishgard.

Mentorship Ahoy!

Every moment I’ve had the chance, I’ve been fishing in attempt to complete the Gather 300 Collectables achievement. On Friday, I knocked out the Craft 100 Collectables achievement and earned my Weaver III book with the blue scrips. So the gathering part was all I had left to finish to complete all the requirements for crafting mentor when it’s released tomorrow.

I honestly didn’t expect to finish it this weekend, but I discovered that fair skies in Azys Lla produce quite a bit of collectables, even in a short 3 in-game hour window. I then discovered the Unfrozen Pond in Coerthas Western Highlands is also an excellent place for a quick flow of collectables once the Sorcerer Fish start biting.


So, last night, right before bed, I finally earned the last achievement I needed for mentorship. I’ve been fishing pretty much a week and a half straight, so I’m looking forward to taking a break from that with the new patch on the way. I’ll probably come back to it in time, now that I know a bit more about how it all works. I still need to get all my red scrip gathering tools. 😮

Unsynced T5 Coil Win!

The highlight of the weekend was Saturday, when we decided to organize our first FC unsynced Binding Coil raid learning run. Some of us had completed up to T5, or were stuck at T5 without a clear. Others, like myself, didn’t even have Coil unlocked yet. I didn’t know what to expect from the raid, other than knowing that T5 was a hard fight, but we gathered up 7 of us, and jumped in.


I had all intentions of clearing this on Tai’s dragoon, who is better geared and would have been pretty excellent DPS. But upon forming the party, we didn’t have a second healer, so I found myself on healing duty with Zuri instead. The last thing I expected to do was heal Coil, trust me. But I figured it was just a learning run, so my inexperience would be forgiven.

Things actually went pretty well for the first four turns. Some of it was just plain out faceroll easy. Some of the bosses were a little trickier, and we had close calls. Overall, we could ignore most of the mechanics because we were all over level 50 and geared accordingly. But when it came to T5, that was not the case.


We spent about an hour and a half working through the mechanics and learning the fight as a group. We honestly made really good progress…. we’d overcome mechanics of one phase and move into the unknown of the next, which would often wipe us. Then, we’d reaccess the situation, figure out how to deal with that, and get further each time we tried.

I’d never been in a progression raid, but now I have a much better feel for it, and the sense of accomplishment you get when you finally down the fight. No one got frustrated. No one gave up. No one got angry at anyone in the group. We all worked together to learn the fight, and we won it in the end.


That was pretty special. Thank you, FC folks for making it happen.

While I don’t think I could ever dedicate hours of my time to progression raiding, I have a better appreciation for the satisfaction raiders get for what they do. I’m looking forward to future learning groups as we have decided to make Unsynced Coil Saturday a thing in the FC.



Reviewing Goals

With the new patch incoming, I have a feeling I’ll be picking up Tai again to make some gear progression. But, the time I spent working on Zuri has been really good for expanding possibilities with her. She’s now a level 60 White Mage, and I’m working her Dragoon up as well. I’ve completed a number of goals I set for myself back when February first started, and I’m feeling pretty good about where she’s sitting right now.

End Game Stuff

  • Level White Mage to 60 ✓
  • Collect all crystals for second relic and make the first-stage relic for White Mage ✓
  • Complete the second-stage relic for Bard
  • Gear up White Mage enough to play Void Ark ✓
  • Gear up White Mage accessories from Alex 1 ✓

Doing great here! Still working on dungeons with FC folks for relic. Doubt I’ll go through with relic on my White Mage or Dragoon, though, since Eso will be so much easier to get.


  • Level Weaver to 60 ✓
  • Meld end game cloth crafting gear with materia  ✓
  • Level Carpenter to 60
  • Meld end game crafting accessories with materia
  • Level Leatherworker to 60
  • Level Miner to 60
  • Level Botanist to 60
  • Level Fisher to 60 ✓
  • Get Blue Script Gathering Gear ✓

Fishing for mentorship took up most of my crafting time, so the other crafting/gathering classes suffered for it. I still have plenty of time to work on these, though. And there’s going to be changes with the new patch anyhow.

Leveling Stuff

  • Level all jobs to 30 – This includes the two tanks, monk and rogue
  • Level Dragoon to 50 ✓
  • Level Machinist to 50
  • Clean up old quests

I haven’t cleaned up all my old quests, but I am taking care of them when I see some within my level range. Dragoon is 50, and Machinist is still 47. They’re getting some changes this patch, so I was holding off finishing up that class. I haven’t had a chance to touch any of the others, but I’m considering trying out Monk in leveling roulettes, especially now that we can group for those with the new patch.

Overall, it’s been a productive month for me! I’m going to get all my adulting stuff done this afternoon in anticipation for tomorrow’s patch. Looking forward to more story and hopefully more fun in FFXIV.

Have a picture of Bahamut's head, just cuz.
Have a picture of Bahamut’s head, just cuz.
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FFXIV 3.2 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights


So we got the release of the preliminary patch notes for FFXIV patch 3.2 today! I wanted to take a moment to highlight what excites me most! This is long because patch notes are long.



More Hildibrand is always fantastic, but the Vivi whatever it is (minion? doll?) is just all the more cool. I actually own a Vivi plushie IRL, and this reminds me so much of it!


Looking forward to the new beast tribe quests!


Both of these are good! It’ll be nice to do more than just 3 Vanu quests a day – should help speed up relic a bit. Also, it’s nice to get Tomes from beast tribe quests again.

It also looks like Grade IV Materia are given out for some of the Beast Tribe dailies. Don’t know if you can choose your Materia, or if it’s random, but that’s very useful.


Really want this! I like that we can get them for our Inn rooms, too!


Whaaat? More Minions now!


This is fantastic! All the gear you can roll on, and any materia of choice! Very, very nice!


As DPS dealing with DF queues, any extra information is always very welcome.


BEST CHANGE EVER!!!!! I’m SO looking forward to this change! 



Yay! More ways to get ventures! Thank you! 🙂


Still working on the requirements for this, but hope to be a mentor one day!



Another way to get ventures? I’m down with that.


Interesting. Making it easier to unlock Crystal Tower.




Oh, nice! Watching this city being built is going to be fun!


This is a good start in making CT relevant again, but more still needs to be done.


More experience is always a good thing.


This is a great idea. I hope people actually try to use it. ‘


Oh, this is nice! It was such a pain to no just fail the meld, but then have to dig around and try to try it all over again.


Thank you!


Nice, thank you!


Figured that was going to happen.


This is a good thing!



Not sure what this means. Is it easier to get credits? Harder?


Trying to wrap my head around what exactly this does.


Hm… what does this  mean? That the Souls will have stats on them now? Is that good?



That’s it? Really? I guess it’s time to hang up my bow, especially seeing a number of other DPS, including Machinist, just got buffs. Sucks for bards, probably last in place for DPS now.


I’m not a fan of the Research Facility, the Arboretum, or Pharos Sirius Hard. I’m glad they finally put the Research Facility in a roulette because people need it for story completion. And I know people wanted more variety in the dungeon roulette. But lumping three dungeons I don’t like with two I do means I’ll be running this Roulette a lot less. It also means people need to get a higher ilvl before they can even start running the Level 60 Roulette considering the ilvl requirements for the Arboretum and PS Hard are much higher than Fractalreap.