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Black Desert Online Releases March 3

That’s March 2nd for me, since I get a one day head start. And I’m not ready for it!



Not complaining, it’s just a whole lot earlier than I expected! With a new patch dropping for FFXIV on Feb 23, I foresee my gaming attention being pulled all over the place. I guess I better really start getting to work on those FFXIV goals I made before I get distracted.

That being said, I’m looking forward to playing a sandbox game on the side again. I know I won’t have the time or attention to give it that I did ArcheAge back in the day, so hopefully that keeps me from chafing at the energy system like I did back then. Whatever I do in BDO will be fairly casual (unless the game absolutely mesmerizes me).

Also, there’s been talk of fellow bloggers hooking up on the same server, and possibly getting a guild together. Is that still at thing? I’m interested in it since I have no other guild plans. I doubt I’d even join a guild in this game unless it’s with folks I know.

Just making plans!