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FFXIV: Level 60 White Mage & Valentione’s Fun


After yesterday’s raid rant, I needed something warm and fuzzy to cheer me up about FFXIV, and that’s exactly what happened last night.

First of all, I accomplished two of my high level goals: I finally reached level 60 on my White Mage and I turned in a full set of crystals to achieve the first step of the White Mage Relic quest.

On top of that, a FC group agreed to help out with my first ever run of Sastasha Hard Mode so I could further my Relic on Bard. I discovered that though the dungeon is still challenging, it was pretty fun and enjoyable overall. It’s just my second dungeon completed on the list, but progress is progress!

I geared up my White Mage as best as I could with what I have, and am hovering around ilvl 165-ish. Not terrible, but not high enough to do something like Void Ark. I still have a lot of work ahead of myself!

Finally Level 60 White Mage with Relic
Finally Level 60 White Mage with Relic

Before the night was done, a FC member, Star, asked for help with the fortune telling part of the Valention’s quest, which I happily joined in for. I’ve been wanting to complete it anyhow. It turned out to be the kind of silly fun and fuzzies I needed to feel better about things overall.

It seems that Zuri and Star are compatible! XD