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BDO: Name Reservations


Black Desert Online’s name reservations are open. There were some issues with the site in the beginning, but I finally got mine reserved. Not sure if “Sojourner” was already taken, or just not able to reserve, but either way, I got the next closest thing for my family name.




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8 thoughts on “BDO: Name Reservations

  1. Hey there, congrats!
    I also just reserved my name for NA- it’ll be Nuria Mersault.

    Looking forward to meeting you there. I’ve thought about which tier to get but as i want to play BDO pretty casually, i thought 50€ difference for 48 hours earlier entrance wasn’t worth it- so i’ll hopefully be in on 03/01.


      1. Me too. Also, somewhere in their FAQ they’re talking about the NA and EU servers as “both servers”, so i think there is only one per region- i guess we’ll be able to meet up.


  2. Given that you retweeted their capacity problems with name reservations, I will be extremely surprised if you get much – if any – proper game time at launch. I would expect that they’ll need a week or so to settle things down.

    Good luck, though.

    Captain Pessimist 😉


    1. We’ll have to see, I suppose. Seems like hardly a game is launched without some sort of trouble now days. I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get into the early access or anything. I’m interested in the game, but keeping my hype levels down at this point. 🙂


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