FFRK: Kefka and Figaros

2016-02-10 08.40.26

Though I haven’t been posting much about FFRK, I’ve been playing it pretty regularly. I just haven’t been unlocking as many characters lately because I’m getting closer to having them all unlocked. At this point, I’ve been focusing on earning Memory Crystals for the characters I do have, though I don’t have many character leveled to the point where I can actually break their limit cap at 50 yet.

This week unlocked FFVI characters for me, including Kefka (?) and both the Figaro brothers.

2016-02-09 09.13.24

I sadly had to move FuSoYa out of my party in exchange for leveling Rosa. He finally got a Memory Crystal introduced, but it is so far beyond me to actually get that he’s not going to break the level cap anytime soon.

Some of these events are starting to push my party to the limits. I’m always amazed that they can take the level 75 stages even though they’re only level 53-54. I guess I could use some experience eggs on them, but I just never do. Aside from that, I’m still working on finishing the story dungeons and increasing my stamina.

2016-02-09 09.21.32

I don’t usually enjoy little mobile games like this, so it’s a keeper. No pun intended.

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