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FFXIV: Achieving Goals and Void Ark Woes

Zuri in Healer Void Ark gear

We’ve had a really rough week with Void Ark parties for some reason. I don’t know if people are just starting to get reckless, but it’s certainly been training my white mage skills.

Tuesday, which is usually a pretty good night for Void Ark due to reset, we got a party that wiped on Cuchulainn three times, until the raid decided to vote abandon. It was clear we weren’t going to get past that fight. Last night, we had a wipe on Cuchulainn again, and only barely squeaked by on the second attempt.

Thankfully, the healer chest piece dropped, so now I’m down to looking for that one elusive last piece to finish my white mage gear set. I also need to get her an upgraded Eso ring, but I’ve been too lazy to run FractalReap for the last bit of Eso I need.

Dragoon Days

One of my goals for Zuri was to level Dragoon to 50 (and probably to 60). I haven’t been able to work on that as much as I’d like to, but I have leveled her up from 40 to 42 so far. I learned that as much as I dislike running dungeons, daily leveling roulette is absolutely the way to go. Running it at level 41 netted about 90% of a level, the rest which I filled in with a few quick FATEs. Certainly much faster than FATEs as a whole, even with the DPS queue wait, as sad as it is to say it. They’ve really buffed that experience.

I’m pretty comfortable running Dragoon through lower level dungeons at this point. In fact, playing that after playing so much tank, healing and Bard was like coming back home… I already knew I enjoyed the class. But now I know it really is the best class for me. I have no qualms leveling a second Dragoon on Zuri considering how frustrated I am with her Bard.


I even scored two commendations from the leveling dungeon, mostly because I taught the tank the boss mechanics to get through Brayflox. Not to mention, I often tanked almost as much as he did during that run. Finally, closer to the end of the run, the healer realized the Tank wasn’t using his basic 1-2-3 enmity combo correctly. So while he was Flashing, mobs still often ran all over the place. Poor guy.

Weaver Level 60

That’s right! Earlier this week, I finally hit level 60 on my Weaver, and made it my second specialist.


I began messing around with materia melding, and that’s when I realized that only half of the gear I have is meldable by Weaver (boo!). The rest of it requires a level 60 Leatherworker. *sigh*

Well, I’d planned on leveling Leatherworker anyhow, so I have the initiative now. It’s just sucking all of Tai’s ventures dry to send out his retainers to get the hides.

I also want to eventually work on finishing leveling my gathering classes, which I haven’t been doing, because all my leves are going to crafting. I still just have too many things to do in this game. And the next patch is looming nearer!