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FFXIV: What Dog?

Folks on the FFXIV Tumblr tag are doing this thing where they input their FFXIV character pictures into the What is your dog? site to see what dog breed matches them. I decided to do it.

Zuri – Papillon 


Haha… awesome! My sister and her husband have two papillons, so this was a neat outcome!

Tai – Dutch Shepherd Dog 


Yep, that sounds like Tai.

And because I had to do Syn’s character…

Zeb – Irish Wolfhound


Yep, knocking things over sounds like Zeb.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 3.2 – The Gears of Change Trailer (Hyped)


So the trailer just dropped today, and there’s a whole lot of hype building around the 3.2, coming in a few weeks. I have to say just the opening music (Atma Weapon theme!) for the Primal Sephirot was a great way to get me in a nostalgic mood.

There were a lot of neat things in the trailer that made me quite happy, but I have to say I’m looking forward to the Anti-Tower (I have NEVER said I was looking forward to a dungeon before). I almost jumped for excitement when I saw the final boss was a FFIV tribute to Calcabrina!


The creepy factor is totally there.


Also, the devs must have heard our cries because… Hildibrand!! ❤


There were murmurs of him returning, and I’m so glad it really is happening! 🙂